Lourdes Leon Is All Tied Up

Get into the groove! Lourdes ‘Lola’ Maria Ciccone Leon was seen making another fashion statement with a tie and vest while shopping with her dad Carlos Leon in New York City on Wednesday. The trendsetting 12-year-old daughter of former dancer Carlos and pop superstar Madonna had just visited the Blue and Cream store in Manhattan.

The Material Girl’s little girl might be walking in her (fashionable) shoes one day soon. Carlos has said that his 12-year-old daughter definitely has the potential to enter the wild world of show business: “She is very talented, she gets that from her mum. She has had advantages I never had. But it is up to her to take it to a new level in singing or acting.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • nikki

    she has that same fashion sense that her mom had in the 80s

  • Oh please, that’s not a fashion statement. I’ve been wearing clothes regularly like that (well, the vest, shirt, tie combo anyway) since I was about 14. Sure, not everyone runs around like that and she looks good in it but it’s nothing new. Especially those skinny jeans are literally worn everywhere by girls her age (and up).


    Wonder if he is going to take care of Lourdes while mom is on tour..!!!
    It is so great to see the relationship she has with her dad..She is certainly
    turning into a beautiful teenager..from the last few months..she has grown
    up so much..

  • Audrey

    Is that a tattoo on the inside of her left arm?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just pen ink on her arm. Kids write on their hands and arms, shoes and backpacks, all the time.

    She’s a sweet girl according to several people who have met her and I’m glad she has a wonderful relationship with her dad.

  • Anonymous

    i think the writing on her arm might say “sucre de palme.”

  • Dea

    meaning Palm sugar?

  • Suzy

    I think she is gorgeous

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