Sasha Schreiber: Back On Dad’s Shoulders

Thank goodness he’s OK! Actor Liev Schreiber was spotted taking his 1 ½-year-old son Alexander “Sasha” Pete for a walk on his shoulders after lunch at Cafe Habana in SoHo on Wednesday.

We’re so glad to see Sasha! The adorable tot was just hospitalized for respiratory issues on Tuesday night.

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Photo credit: DAVID KRIEGER/

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  1. Lisasheldon

    aww!! great news!!! Glad to see he’s alright.
    My son was hospitalised when he was 14 months old because he was very sick and got dehydrated, luckily he was in for one night with a drip in his hand but got better quite quickly.
    It is very worrying when a toddler is ill siply because they cannot tell you until the start having severe symptoms.

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