Jennifer Garner: Life With Two Kids Is “Crazy”

Mom-of-two Jennifer Garner seemed happy and relaxed and she took time sign autographs for fans on the way into The Late Show With David Letterman yesterday.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past star reports that home life with her husband Ben Affleck and their kids Violet, 3, and Seraphina, 3 months, is chaotic – but in a good way!

“It’s crazy, it’s like having 10 kids,” she says of life since the arrival of Seraphina. “You have one and you think you start to know what you’re doing and you have it under control. And then you have the other one and it all just goes to hell in a hand basket!”

Jennifer says that she’s in mommy mode 24/7 these days. “People say, ‘How was your night? How was the baby last night?’ But I feel like, What’s night? It just means that I put on sweatpants and took a couple of naps.”

Despite the sleep-deprivation, she insists that she is finding motherhood much easier the second time, saying, “If we could all just be second-time parents the first time around!”

It sounds as though Ben has also found his fatherhood groove – Jen says that he’s not as nervous with Seraphina as he was with her big sister Violet.

“When our oldest was a baby he was so careful with her, and delicate, but with the second he’s just flinging her around,” she laughs.

Did you find motherhood easier the second time around?

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  1. nikki

    the first time i was completely cluless, but my second one was a breeze. she’s right about being second time parents the first time around.

  2. Anonymous

    I appreciate her honesty here as it does get harder when you have more than one…..but easier becasue you know more of what you doing. It is just different with the balancing act of having two kids!

  3. melanie1983

    i think the second time was horrible, just b/c i was newly divorced and really alone except for my mom and sister popping in sometimes. now w/my 3rd it’s still hard but sooo good b/c of my new hubby!

  4. Francesca

    Saw her on Regis and Kelly this morning…she is just sooo adorable!

  5. anne

    So level-headed, smart, and good-humored . . . One of those you wished, for real, could live next door!

  6. Sofie

    Try twins after a toddler 🙂 Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to experience how crazy it could get with two children, I skipped that part and went right to craziness (in a good way of course) with three kids. God bless all moms of one, two or multiple children. Truly the most rewarding and challenging job in the world.

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