Charlie Sheen Leaves His “Crazy” Past Behind

Six weeks after the birth of their twins Max and Bob, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller report that family life is great. In Touch features an interview with the proud parents, who talk about marriage, motherhood and why the boys have already made Charlie a “better man.”

On how the boys have changed Charlie:
Charlie: “They’ve made me a better man. People think when they get married it will solve selfishness and be about the other person, but really that doesn’t happen until you have children.”
Brooke: “I do see him being a better man now that the boys are here. He’s totally involved. I was a little worried I’d be the one doing most of the work, but I was wrong.”

On Brooke’s adjustment to motherhood:
Charlie:” She’s unbelievable. She’s so great, caring, focused, compassionate, loving and selfless and eager to be involved and to learn. Her mom instincts are all there. I knew when she was just my girlfriend how great she was with Sam and Lola. So, I’m not surprised she was amazing from day one. We are a perfect match.”

On moving beyond his wild past:
Charlie: “There are certain days I wake up and I’m waiting for someone to show up and say, ‘This is not your life, this is not the life you deserve.’ I’m giddy at times because it’s not fair. I’ve had two lives — the crazy one and the stable one. I don’t need to do the crazy one anymore. I did it, I survived and now I focus on things that matter.”

On their marriage:
Brooke: “It’s so wonderful. We’re best friends. We hang out 24 hours a day together. There’s a connection, and it works. It’s hysterical to me that he has this reputation. He’s such a family man. Charlie will still be the brunt of all jokes when it comes to hookers, but I’m not worried. It’s out of his system.”

On (not) sleeping through the night:
Charlie: “Sleep’s not bad right now. I feel bad for Brooke because she has to get up and pump. But as a new dad, it’s hard to sleep through the night. I go in and check on everybody. I worry because that’s what dads do.”

On big sisters Sam, 3, and Lola, 4:
Brooke: “They came to the hospital, they’ve been to the house, and they’re affectionate and curious. They think the babies are dolls, so we have to be careful with how they hold them and handle them. We’re very hands-on and very protective, so we are guiding and teaching them how to deal with infants.”

On bucking the Hollywood baby name trend:
Charlie: “I wanted to bring it back to basics. Their names aren’t even Robert or Maximillian. If my children don’t like their names, they can always change them when they get older.”
Brooke: “He was so into choosing the names for six months, I finally just said, ‘Okay, you choose the names for both babies.’ He was happy about that.”

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  1. Angie

    I find it funny that having these children made him a better man…what about his girls…why didn’t he become a better man for them…I’m sure that’s not exactly how they meant it, but it sounds terrible! He should want to be a better man for himself first, then all 4 of his children!

  2. Anonymous

    Didn’t we already get this exact interview when he married Denise? Time for old Charlie to grow up because he’s an adult and not because he needs to do it for somebody else.

  3. Natalie

    He seems be more dedicated to his sons. Pour Sam and Lola. Because Cassandra was a only child for 18 years. I fell really bad for the little girls, but they are lucky to have a dedicated mother like Denise.

  4. Ellen

    I always liked Charlie, up untill now. To say this, is really a low blow. What about his girls? He decides NOW to be a dedicated and doting father? Those poor girls, and poor Denise, I hope she finds someone that will really treat her right, she deserves it.
    Thank God the girls have Denise. She’s a great Mom to those girls, it appears as if they don’t have a father at all.

  5. Anonymous

    Some people are just later “getting it”. Let’s just be glad he did. Better late than never.

  6. Stacy

    So true Angie….but even worse is he’s had kids for much longer than sam and lola- he has a daughter who is late teens/early twenties. what about when he had her? too funny that he would say that.

  7. Anonymous

    once a moron always a moron…his comments proves that he hasnt gotten anything, just another woman who thinks herself in love with this ugly personality. she will get there too and pack up and leave…

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