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Milla Jovovich may have put on 70lbs while pregnant with her daughter Ever, now 18 months, but the model mom definitely looked back to her pre-baby form at last night’s Costume Institute Gala!

Health-conscious Milla, who is engaged to director Paul Anderson, seems to be doing everything right these days: Taking vitamins, eating well, spending time outdoors. The one thing that’s missing is sleep!

“Last night I was up all night with Ever because she’s not the best sleeper yet and I haven’t the heart to close the door and let her cry,” she admits in a recent interview with Canada’s Viva magazine.

Growing up in the modeling industry, Milla says her parents did a good job of teaching her “what is a healthy lifestyle and what isn’t, what’s superficial and what isn’t.” She admits, though, that the industry that she has so long been a part of sometimes sets an unhealthy standard for young girls.

“I think it’s always hard for young girls to look at magazines because they believe the models are what real women look like. When I was in Paris, I found some skinny girls who really looked unhealthy and, honestly, not very appealing. I think most guys I’ve ever talked to don’t find that look attractive either.”

Milla, 33, says that the women she looks up to have more to them than just flawless figures: “There are some actresses I respect and admire who are intelligent: Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Kate Beckinsale…all the Kates,” Milla laughs. “They look beautiful, healthy, down-to-earth, and cool and they are all moms.”

Milla’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just diet – she’s trying to make eco-friendly changes as well by conserving energy, driving a hybrid car, making green purchases. Most importantly, she hopes to teach Ever to appreciate the world around her from a young age.

“I want her to really feel and appreciate what it is being out in nature with no electricity, build a fire, and just feel what it is to be a human being because out there it’s just you, the earth and the sky,” Milla says. “It’s an important connection to make that you don’t need material things and money to give you happiness. Ever needs to know there’s a balance of having a nice lifestyle but at the same time, appreciate having nothing.”

Here are a few recent pics of Milla: At the Costume Institute Gala in New York, at last month’s Bravo A-List Awards, and enjoying a day at the park with Ever.

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