Faith Hill Says Motherhood Gives Her Confidence

Mom-of-three Faith Hill caused a lot of buzz last December when she bared her bikini body – at 41 years old – on the cover of Shape magazine.

Faith is a cover girl once again, this time fully clothed, as she poses for the current issue of Redbook. She tells the magazine that now that she’s in her forties she feels a “quiet confidence” that she’s earned through experience – and through motherhood.

“After I had my three daughters, I felt I could accomplish absolutely anything I wanted to in my life,” Faith tells Redbook. “There is a strength that comes with giving birth to children. As they’re getting older, their needs are so evident on a daily basis, but also their need for independence. Watching each of them establish their independence and seeing them put it to good use gives me strength and confidence.”

Faith and her husband Tim McGraw are parents to girls Gracie Katherine, 12, Maggie Elizabeth, 10, and Audrey Caroline, 7. She says that they are trying hard to instill a similar sense of confidence and healthy self-esteem in their daughters.

“We have tried to lay the foundation for the girls to have a sense of self-worth that goes way beyond anything that’s not real or achievable. As a family, we always talk about being healthy and how beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.”

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  • Sandy

    I love her daughters names – so classic.

  • Anonymous

    They seem like a tight knit family.

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