First Glimpse Of Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver!

What a little cutie! Jools Oliver was spotted out shopping with her 4-week-old daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow in Hampstead on Wednesday. Jools was spotted stocking up on clothes for the adorable newborn at Baby Gap.

Proud papa is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who is well known for his role in campaigning against the use of processed foods in British schools. Jamie and Jools, married for nine years next month, are also parents to daughters Poppy Honey, 7 and Daisy Boo, 5.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Jool’s face??

  • Jas

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing..

  • Jas

    OMG, Petal Blossom Rainbow?? Are you serious?

  • Sanja

    I’s hardly a ‘first glimpse’, there were pictures of Petal when they were taking her home from the hospital.

    About Jools’ face, it looks like she has a rash. I like it that she isn’t all dolled up for going to the shops and that she doesn’t have two nannies with her.

    And I quite like the name Petal (love Daisy and Poppy):-)

  • melanie1983

    they certainly have interesting names

  • Emily

    It’s just mask of pregnancy. Takes a bit to go away. And agree that it’s not a first glimpse, another site had a photo the day she was born with Jamie in it.

  • Lala

    Petal Blossom seems redundant.

  • Sandy

    Petal Blossom is redundant

  • Audrey

    I had the pregnancy mask. It took nearly six months to get rid of and was next to impossible to cover.

  • Jenny

    I didn’t have the pregnancy mask, but after both my pregnancies I got bumps all over my arms. Apparently it happens sometimes after pregnancy.

  • Amos

    I wonder why she isnt using Sheercover…doesnt that stuff cover everything?!?! Just Sayin’!

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