Trista & Ryan Talk About Baby Blakesley

The Bachelorette stars, Trista and Ryan Sutter, welcomed their daughter Blakesley Grace Sutter on April 3. The former reality TV stars opened up to Life & Style about the birth, adjusting to having a new baby in the house and how they came up with the unique baby name.

On having another C-section (when their 1 1/2-year-old son Max was born, Trista was put under general anesthesia to have an emergency C-section): “This birth was so much easier. Blakesley was born three weeks early, and I did have another C-section, but I didn’t need general anesthesia. I just walked into the hospital and put my gown on, and then my doctor came in and said, “Okay, it’s time.” I didn’t know you could just walk into the delivery room, because the last time, I was wheeled in on a hospital bed!”

On the best part of the delivery: “Being able to hear her cry when she came out and then seeing her right away. With Max, I was under, and I didn’t wake up until several hours later. But this time I was able to hear her first cry and see Ryan there too.”

On how they came up with the name Blakesley: “It’s a family name. Ryan really loved the name Grace. At first we were calling her Gracie, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley.”

On if they are getting any sleep: “Not so much! I mean, she’s a pretty good sleeper and sometimes sleeps for four or five hours at a time. But mostly, she’s up every two hours from the time she feeds. I try to take little naps when she sleeps. I also try to sneak in some sleep when Max is with Grandma or taking his own nap. Any new parent will tell you it’s hard, but it’s expected. And it’s a small price to pay to have her. It’s definitely worth it.”

On being the only couple from the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows to make it to the altar and start a family: “You know, it’s so hard to say. I will acknowledge that it’s difficult. You meet under these crazy circumstances, and then you get separated for three months, which was super hard. And I think some people just think they’re ready and then when they see the person again, they realize those feelings just aren’t there. I didn’t set out to be the only Bachelorette to get married. I just feel lucky and blessed that my life turned out this way.”

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i like her a lot … odd name in my opinion, but hey whatever floats their boat!


I’m sorry, but who cares?


cute baby,but i would never ever sell my baby pictures to lies&sh*t 😉


This is all they have to offer as far as fame goes so of course they’ll put their family in the magazines. I wish this faux celeb trend would end and take them, heidi and spencer with it.


Moore, I second that. Seriously, why is this couple still in the media? have they done anything famous after The Bachelor?