It’s A Girl For Heidi & Seal!

Exciting new to report just before Mother’s Day! Wishes come true for Heidi Klum and husband Seal. It has just been reported that today, on Oprah, Seal confirms that he and his supermodel wife are expecting a girl!

This will be the fourth child for the happy couple, perfectly rounding out their family with two boys and two girls. The A-listers are already parents to Henry, 3, Johan, 2, and Leni, 5.

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  • Claire

    Woow This is an exciting newss 🙂 Congratulatios :D:D

  • hshjl

    Oh my God!!! I’m very very happy!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s no doubt, They are the PERFECT FAMILY!:-)


  • Anonymous

    Aww…so nice for Leni!

  • Peta

    YAY! Leni will get her sister!

  • ll

    I hope it’s true because that would be so wonderful for them, but since Castro’s still alive and the same source you’re linking to said he was dead two years ago, I hope we get confirmation from a different source. (Plus, ew on someone who would treat children the way he does on his blog.)

  • alexa kaelyn

    This is true In an appearance on Oprah later today, Seal will confirm that he and Heidi Klum are expecting a daughter!

  • melanie1983

    YAY!!! i cannot wait to see what tis beautiful being looks like haha!

  • Janie

    so sweet!

  • Sandy

    I watched Oprah, he said it at the very end. Seal is so sweet!

  • Rach

    I can’t even believe she is already far enough along to know the gender already! Wow…time flies!

  • Cassy

    Aww I can’t wait to see her. I bet she will be a very pretty little girl.

  • dropthepilot

    They’re definitely one of my favourite celebrity families out there. I would even say the perfect example! I really admire & respect Heidi: so successful yet down-to earth mum!

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