Guess Who Revealed: It’s Henry Story Driver!

Majority wins! This adorable 8-month-old celeb tot is none other than Minnie Driver’s son, Henry Story Driver.

The playful duo were spotted celebrating Minnie’s first Mother’s Day at a Malibu park on Sunday. The new mom looked relaxed and overjoyed as she spent the day with her little man who was outfitted in an all too appropriate shirt that read “Mom” with a heart on it. Cute!

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Photo credit: Fame

  • .:. Mama to my Boy .:.

    Henry Driver?

  • Henry Story Driver!!! it’s so cute…

  • Laura

    Henry Story Driver

  • Gracie

    Henry Story Driver.

  • Kimberly P.

    I originally thought Bronx. My sister says Zuma.

    But those do look like Minnie’s arms.

  • alexa kaelyn

    minne driver and henry story

  • jessica M

    seraphina affleck

    • Peta

      Seraphina is 4 months old and had a nice head of dark hair.

  • jessica

    Its not Henry.. shes got a purple bib on! Hello?

  • alexa kaelyn

    I know for sure that not seraphina this baby is 8 months old and seraphina its only 4 months old

  • Anonymous

    First I thought it was Henry Driver but the purple bib and socks makes me wonder…perhaps Sunday Urban?

  • alexa kaelyn

    its henry story driver

  • Blaire

    Thats hard, at first a thought it was Sunday Urban but she has darker hair. Its defintely not Seraphina.

    Ill have to say Henry Story Driver, i remember seeing pictures of him in that same purple bib. But the purple defintely throws you off lol.

  • Leah

    It IS henry 😉 i know for sure 100% lol

  • Marina

    I think this may be Winston, Billie Piper’s son
    but it look also like Henry Driver ….

  • Juddy

    Zuma Rossdale

  • Julita

    i would say Sammy Schreiber!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s absolutely Minnie Driver’s kid. Doesn’t look anything like any of the other babies mentioned in previous comments. (And jeez, people, just because he’s wearing purple socks and a bib doesn’t mean he’s a girl. Not everyone follows such culturally-dictated genderized color conventions rigidly.) Also, those are clearly Minnie Driver’s freckled arms, and the two of them have been photographed before in the same position on the exact same swings.

  • melanie1983

    definitely SUNDAY ROSE

  • melanie1983

    i take my last comment back…it’s henry story driver, look at those freckles on the woman’s arms. minnie has alot of freckles.

  • Anonymous

    a boy can’t wear a purple bib? isn’t purple pretty gender neutral?

  • Sam

    It’s Henry Story Driver, there is a photo of him on another celeb baby site wearing jeans, a blue top with white sleeves and purple bib and socks.

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