Jon & Kate Plus Divorce?

She’s embroiled in a public scandal involving her husband, Jon Gosselin, with another woman, and Kate Gosselin tells PEOPLE in its latest cover story that she and her spouse have been on the rocks for months.

“I don’t know that we’re in the same place anymore, that we want the same thing,” she says quietly. “I’ve been struggling with the question of ‘Who is this person?’ for a while. I remember where I was the first time I heard her name. It’s one of those things where you can try to make it go away, but there’s blaring, red flashing lights.”

Kate is referring to 23-year-old Deanna Hummel, whose brother later claimed she’d been having a months-long affair with Jon.

Kate, who once referred to Jon as “my balance, my strength and my stability” is now considering separation. “You can’t imagine yourself in a certain position when all this first happens, but you can do it over some months. It’s a lot like when I was first pregnant with the babies, and it was pure shock and denial. But over time I imagined six cribs in my house, and six car seats. When your mind is ready to go there, you can accept any number of scenarios.”

On a positive note Kate adds, “I will never give up hope that every member of our family can be absolutely happy again.”

What do you think? Will Jon & Kate split?

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  1. .:. Mama to my Boy .:.

    I think they will divorce. At first I didn’t believe the rumors about Jon…UNTIL Kate did an interview NOT DENYING IT and saying…I’M HESITANT TO BELIEVE ALL OF IT…I do NOT believe the rumors about Kate’s’s just too much drama!!

    I hope they can do whats best for the kids!! Good Luck to the family!!

  2. teagen

    What married man goes to a bar at 2 am just to talk to the owner something called a phone? If they do get a divorce then the Hawaii trip was a big fat lie. We want our kids to know we are going to stay together forever please. Kate have such a horrible attitude toward her husband and kids most of the time she don’t even play with kids change their clothes or anything she let Jon do all the work

  3. Jen

    They both need to grow up. Even if they divorce, they’re going to be involved in each others lives until at least those children are grown. Right now they’re both embarrassing their kids, surely bringing them pain, stress, and sadness. Regardless of who is cheating, they need to stop all filming and touring and go to family counseling NOW.

  4. Anonymous

    I feel soooo sorry for the children. 🙁 My gosh! they didn’t ask to be brought into this world and into a world of cameras and reality TV. They deserve better and their parents need to grow up, stop the cameras and work on their family healing. God bless the children!

  5. Anonymous

    I really don’t like Kate but I know these kids are gonna hurt badly if they get a divorce. I never seen kids love their dad as much as these kids so for their sake and theirs alone I hope they work it out.

    If it was just about Kate I know Jon could do a heck of a lot better. She belittles him, she’s self centered and she takes credit when its not due to her which annoys the heck out of me. She talks like she raise those kids alone when she has all the help in the world. I would LOVE to see her go a week …even a weekend without any help from Jon, the nanny (that’s not suppose to be seen by cameras), her sister in law, brother, the people that work on the show, her neighbors etc… she would be lost

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t know them.Are they actors or something else?And they have six kids together?Sorry for them…

  7. Anonymous

    It seems like Kate does anything for attention. The more people that she can attract to her situation then the more people will watch the show just to see what is going on with the two of them and if ratings are good, more money for the both of them.
    On the Today show last week, Kate said they are privately dealing with their situation at home and now she is covering People magazine saying they might divorce? Real classy. I can’t stand either of them. They are both embarrassing those poor kids.
    And why would she stand by Jon lying to the public about cheating and then turn around and do this a week later??
    Her haircut is ridiculous and so is the sad look she has to pull on the Today Show and the cover of People.
    She just loves the attention.
    I wish she would go away and raise her kids in an enviroment out of the public eye.

  8. I am so saddened by this! They say reality TV is bad for relationships, but I never seen this one coming!

  9. Anonymous

    Why don’t they stop filming that show and concentrate on the marriage instead. Jon has said that he hates the show and being in the public eye but Kate craves the celebrity lifestyle and they love the money. Look at that Huge new house they just moved in to. No matter what, Jon has 8 kids that need his attention and they need a mother who wants to be with them instead of flying all over to promote her book. So sad!

  10. Kana

    They need some serious intervention. I’m surprised Dr. Phil has not stepped in to tell these two that their family and children are MORE important than a TLC show. TLC and Kate should be ashamed for carrying this out dispite the marital problems. It shows where Kate’s heart is….money, money, money and publicity. The children are not her concern. She is rarely home. When she travels she is gone 4-5 days a week, then turns back around and leaves a week later to go sign more books for strangers.
    At least Jon has physical proof (tv show) of her physical and mental abuse towards him to show in court. Plus how he does all the dressing, cleaning, bathing, toileting and even poop wiping while she yells at him. What judge would decide in her favor with all the tv proof?

  11. melanie1983

    i feel the EXACT same was Mama…
    i didn’t believe any of it until this article! i just hope they do what’s best for the kids. maybe a divorce will be just that, b/c they do fight and scream alot around them…who knows

  12. Sam

    Nah I think it’s another publicity stunt so they can make more money off interviews and tv interviews, well at least the money won’t be off their kids for once.

  13. Dianna

    Why is People the place to not deny it? She’s been on every talk show from here to kingdom come dispelling the rumors and now she turns to People magazine for confession time! Wonder how much they paid her.

  14. Dianna

    Forgot to mention… another site I visit has a video of Kate’s brother and his wife Jodi (Aunt Jodi- remember her?!) standing behind Jon saying she is doing a good job of deferring the press from herself when she isn’t so innocent. Yes, he’s made some bad choices but she is the one who told Jon it was over about 6 months ago.

  15. Kim

    Kate is a mean mean mean woman.

  16. I don’t believe this for a second. First the tabloids say HE’s cheating, then I hear on the radio that SHEs cheating too. I doubt either of them are cheating, its publicity whether its negative or positive it still gets people interested. I love Jon and Kate and ALL 8 kids, AND the two new dogs I’d hate to see that family fall apart.

  17. audreys mom

    i love their show, my 4.5 yr old daughter and i catch it together sometimes at nite when she cant sleep, and Hannah is her fave child in the world!!! I believe its a publicity stunt as well, but Kate is a very very mean woman, i watch the show and say to myself what kinda woman is she to tell her husband hes not paying attention to his kids, shes always puttin him down, i believe they need to take a pause on the show for a couple of months or so and focus on being a family again without the cameras around..then see what happens!!

  18. Anonymous

    I think they’re both cheating, and they’ll eventually head towards divorce. But shame on TLC for turning the cameras on again, and shame on THEM for being so greedy about the money.

    Isn’t 4 seasons of $50-75K/episode enough money?

  19. Anonymous

    I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to put 8 kids through college much less through childhood. I’m guessing the show and books are the college fund.
    I saw it coming because she treats him so badly. He hardly ever looks happy.

  20. Laura Renckens

    I seriously hope they don’t get a divorce–it would be selfish to do that to the kids, honestly. Kate’s having an affair with her bodyguard, while Jon is partying with some 23-year-old. It’s sad when Jon & Kate don’t even think about the kids! It’s sick, imo. I love the show, but….you never know.

  21. Anonymous

    im kinda sad about this, they look so good on TV!

  22. Anonymous

    i think they might be able to make it through i feel sorry 4 kate 4 having to go through all this she seems stressed but who wouldnt be
    ~good luck and god bless you and ur 8 little miracles

  23. Anonymous

    i think they might be able to make it through i feel sorry 4 kate 4 having to go through all this she seems stressed but who wouldnt be
    ~good luck and god bless you and ur 8 little miracles

  24. Anonymous

    A few years ago, I began to watch the show, after about 2 months, I discontinued watching, due to the way she treats Jon in front of not only the children but the entire public. I also see the dollar signs in her eyes, he on the otherhand seems to think of the children first. Right now i’m watching the new show, she’s putting all of the blame on him, how about her extra activities I’ve read about? I believe it’s all about Kate, not Jon or the children. What they should be doing is turning off the cameras, and deal with the issues at hand, but I’m sure she doesn’t want to leave the cameras! Look how she has been thru the years, not appreciating anything, it’s all about Kate. I feel so bad for Jon and the children. I will keep them in my prayers

  25. DeAnna Raine

    I think that they should stop the tv show so that the couple could work out their marriage problems. This is rediculus that Kate is more worried about the fame and fortune from the show she doesn’t care about the children. These children don’t need to be put threw all of this drama. They didn’t come into this world to be treated like crap from their mother. And it’s pretty sad that Kate made Jon give up his job to stay home and take care of the kids. That’s b/s the mother should be home taking care of her kids! If she was gonna hurt her children mentally she shouldn’t have spead her legs! These kids need there mother more than anything but like i said she’s more worried bout the damn money. Jon is the one that is always home having to take care of the children, clean the house, feed the children, bathe them, and all of the other things that parents have to do. BUT YOU KNOW WAT IT TAKES 2 TO MAKE A DAMN CHILD AND KATE NEEDS TO BE THERE TO HELP TAKE CARE OF THEM!
    Jon is such a great parent he’s willing to stick around for the sake of the kids. NOW THAT’S A REAL FATHER!

    • Carol

      Wow what show have you been watching, THis couple went to great lengths to have children, and they are BOTH pretty good parents, in the beginning Jon was the one going to work with Kate being the one with the kids all day long, he’d come home and yes help with the bath’s and dressing them, but he also had his play weekend with the guys , or gals. Kate had no solo time ever on her own. So now that’s she written a book and promoting it like all authors do, she’s become a bad mom, hmmm so does that make Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, hmm even Jackie Kennedy a bad MOM I think NOT. Maybe you need to give teenagers a lesson on how to not spread there legs as you put it. Or better yet I hope you kept yours SHUT. This couple has only giving us what we wanted to see in there show, I’m sure they were stopped on the streets by people staring and to ask briliant questions. We made them popular, and that gave the wonderful so truthful in there stories magazines the right to pry into there lives totally. We are all to blame for the hell they have been going thru with the media. We all need to pray for them in this difficult time, and support them and there family, not try to belittle them, none of us are superior to another person.

  26. DrBea

    Kate’s Dad is a minister and her parents are never around. They probably do not agree with what she is doing. Her brother says the couple have been battling for months and that 6 months ago Kate told Jon “it’s over.” That was BEFORE he went barhopping. I think she is playing around on him, loves the bennies that the limlight brings, and is not with her kids enough. She always treated Jon like a slave, and Mady treats everyone just like Kate treats Jon. Yet, Queen of Denial Kate says Mady is just like Jon! She has her values all skewed and has some real problems being honest with herself about her faults. She needs behavior modification. I do not blame Jon for getting out. Living with Kate wuld be like dodging bullets 24/7.

  27. Anonymous

    Fame and money will do it all the time. Takes two to tango. Its so wrong for Jon to cheat on his wife (if he did.) Kate has always treated Jon like she was his mom not his wife. I also think Kate is furious with Jon that he wants to leave the show. I think they both have enough money to keep them for the rest of there lives. I think it’s most important to end the show and get back to reality for the sake of the kids. In divorce the the kids are the ones to pay. We will see that 10 years from now. Seriously Kate u are soooo caught up in your lime light you cant possibily in it for the the kids.

  28. Anonymous

    I honestley don’t know what will happen! They may fight sometimes but that’s just their stress leaking out! I think they r great parents! if u haven’t seen the seaon premiere you should make a point to!P.s before you watch the season premiere have a box of kleenex ready! It’s very sad!!!!! Good look to Jon, kate and their 8 adorable children!!!!

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