Rumor: Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart To Adopt?

Are Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart getting set to expand their family? The rumor mill is buzzing with speculation that the longtime couple is planning to adopt!

The two are already raising 8-year-old Liam, who Calista adopted as a newborn, and Harrison has four grown children from previous relationships. Now reports are that they hope to add a little girl to the family.

Star magazine states that the couple are in the process of trying to adopt and quotes a source as saying, “Harrison’s begun the process of adopting Liam too. He’s been a father figure to the boy almost since day one.”

Harrison has expressed in the past how thankful he is to have Liam in his life, saying, “[Calista] has brought a child back into my home. My youngest, other than Liam, is 17. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of a child’s growing up, which is always an endless springtime. You see the blossoming and the growing and the nurturing and the payoff.”

Though Harrison, 66, stayed mum on the topic of adoption in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he did confirm that he and Calista, 44, are planning to wed.

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  • Sanja

    Isn’t there an age limit on adoption parents in the US? It’s 45 where I live.

  • SherriB

    @Sanja – no there isn’t. Where do you live?

  • Anonymous

    66 is too old to start with a newborn. It’s not fair to set a kid up for the loss of a parent while they are still children. Even if Ford lives to be 80, which is beyond the expectation for men, the poor kid is losing dad at 14. It would be a selfish act.

  • Anonymousss

    Sanja- you are right I believe. I only know this b/c my maternity nurse and I started chatting and when I told her how wonderful she was (and such a natural with babies!) she admitted it was b/c she loved her job- and could not adopt (we live in Austin. TX) as her age combined with that of her husband was deemed ‘too old’ to adopt. I was shocked but admit I know next to nothing about such rules.

    In a way I understand they want to make sure the baby has parents who will be of an age they can take care of the child and be around for them .. but still. My nurse wasn’t old (in her mid-late 40s I think) and I think her husband was in his early to mid 50s if i recall correctly. Perhaps the foster parents have less stringent requirements..

  • Sanja

    I live in Croatia, and here the youngest parent can’t be more than 45 years older than the adopted child (So, they can adopt older children). Since women are usually the younger one, I think it’s because 45 is the limit for giving birth and so a birth child would not be more than 45 years younger than the parent. (in average). At least that was the explanation given when the law was pasted in the Parliament.

    Personally, I feel they should have made it 50, but it’s an improvement on 40 that was the limit before that (considering that my grandmother gave birth at 43).

    I believe most European countries have an age gap limit between parent and child, since most of our laws were being evened out with EU laws at the time.

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