Tried, Tested & True: Soothing The Pain For Teething Tots

There is no other time in a child’s young life that parents feel so helpless, like there is nothing we can do to make things better, the time I am referring to is Teething time. Luckily for parents today there are some great products out there to help ease the pain of teething for our tots, but don’t be fooled, not all teethers are created equal.

I was first given Sophie The Giraffe as a gift when my first son was born a couple of years ago, before this I had heard the buzz around “Sophie,” a 40-year old French giraffe. I heard she was non-toxic, made of all-natural rubber, and adorable. My first son, much like my second loved Sophie from the get-go, conversing with her at a young age and when the time came, chomping away at her skinny legs to help ease the pain of his sore gums.

Sophie is a great toy/teether that has been consistently in use in our home for the past 2 years, and I continue to make her a part of any gift that I have for other new babies. With all the toxins in our everyday products, I can rest easy knowing that my boys are chomping on a completely non-toxic, Bisphenol-A Free product!

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Non-toxic, cute, doubles as a toy
Dislikes? None
Price: Totally reasonable and worth every penny at $20
Where To Find:
Celeb Baby Gear – $20

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  • Anonymous

    My first son was content to teeth on Whoozits and other toys, but not my second. I bought “Sophie” this week and he really likes it.

  • kia

    I love the Sophie! It is a standard gift for when friends have wee ones.

  • Anonymous

    Taye Digs and Idina Menzel have this on their registry! 🙂

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