Diego Luna Says Fatherhood Is Amazing

Diego Luna knew that fatherhood would change his life, but he says he never could have predicted just how profound a change it would be.

The Milk star, who has 9-month-old son Jerónimo with his wife Camila Sodi, tells Parade magazine that becoming a dad has been a “unique” and “perfect” experience.

“Becoming a father is the biggest change you go through in life—at least that I’ve gone through in life. I don’t know if something else is coming, but it’s amazing. It’s a love that people tell you about. You read about it. You think you know what it is. You think you know how it’s going to feel. And then, phew, when it happens, you realize there’s no way to predict this. It’s so unique, so perfect. Yeah, it’s a very special thing that now you’re going to have forever.”

Though his work sometimes takes him away from his family, Diego, 29, says that little Jerónimo is never too far.

“When he’s not around, I always have a reminder with me. I have a little spit up on my shoulder or a spot of carrot puree on my pants. There’s toys everywhere. So he’s with me everywhere.”

Diego has company in the ranks of new fatherhood – his lifelong friend Gael García Bernal’s son Lázaro is just 5 months younger than Jerónimo. The pals recently joked that it’s no coincidence their sons are so close in age.

“We did it together at the same time — fortunately not together. We were [on] the phone like, ‘Hey, are you ready? I am!’ … You know, control is not that easy, so [my son] is a little bit older,” says Diego.

Diego and Gael, who starred together in Y Tu Mama Tambien, have teamed up again in the new film Rudo y Cursi.

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  • melanie1983

    ah i love him and gael! i cannot wait to see what those handsome boys look like!

  • Anonymous

    hehehe he looks like Jhonny Depp. I want to see baby pics too I just know Jeronimo is going to be adorable good genes from two great looking people

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