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While I was happily accumulating all of the things I needed for my first born’s nursery. I was lucky enough to get my hands on high quality used items: a crib, a bassinet, but of course I needed the crib mattress, figuring this should be one thing that I purchase new. So I made the purchase after finding a well-priced mattress for about $70. When my son was actually born, my protective instincts took over and I found myself reading labels more closely and researching the products I purchased and this is when I stumbled upon the problem with everyday conventional crib mattresses.

It was scary, and I almost wished I did not know what I learned, because from that time on I could not place my child on the $70 crib mattress. I learned that crib mattresses are made of polyurethane foam, vinyl (PVC), phthalates (chemicals used soften certain plastics like Vinyl), chemical fire retardants, and even more disturbing chemicals like arsenic, yes arsenic! If you are interested in learning more facts, click here.

The solution for me was to purchase an organic crib mattress. They seemed a little pricey when I first started to look into it, but when I learned about the high quality materials used, it was a “no-brainer” for me to make the purchase (and as soon as possible!) We didn’t want anything with wool, because I am allergic and thought my child could possibly be, and we then found a waterproof organic crib mattress from an American Company called Naturepedic. We chose a Naturepedic “No Compromise” Organic Cotton Classic 252 Coil mattress for my boy and could not believe the difference in quality when it first arrived. The conventional mattress allowed me to feel the springs inside easily and was flimsy, the new mattress was firm and the quality was apparent in every aspect of the mattress. The more I learned the happier I was with my purchase, and I wanted to educate as many people as possible about this great alternative to cheap, department-store crib mattresses. I could rest easy knowing my boys were not inhaling potentially toxic fumes. The waterproof cover, made of 100% food grade, completely non-toxic polyethylene plastic as also perfect for wiping up any messes that occurred, AND it is made right in the US in Ohio! All in all this amazing product allowed me to rest easy at night, every night, knowing that pure organic cotton was the only thing inside this mattress.

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? YES!
Likes? Waterproof, Organic, Non-toxic, list is endless
Dislikes? None
Price: Start at $259 US / Start at $339 Canadian
Where To Find: US – Celeb Baby Gear / Canada – Oh Simple Baby (On Sale & Free Shipping for both!)

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