Dean McDermott’s Birthday Tattoo For Tori

Dean McDermott went all out for his wife Tori Spelling’s 36th birthday this weekend, marking her big day with a romantic getaway, a surprise party, surfing lessons – and even a tattoo in her honor!

The tattoo, which took 7 hours to complete, is meant to symbolize their family and features the word “Forever” along with a Koi fish for Tori, a tiger for Dean, peonies to represent health and prosperity, and three baby Koi for kids Liam, 2, Stella, 11 months, and Jack, 10 (Dean’s son from his previous marriage).

“I did it to profess my undying love for my gorgeous wife and beautiful children,” Dean says.

He reports that Tori was blown away by the surprise inking: “She loved it when I revealed it to her. She thinks it’s beautiful, chic and sexy.”

Tori’s husband then whisked her away for a romantic weekend – without the kids – in Santa Monica, where she was treated to a birthday bash with her closest friends at the Vicery Hotel. The couple also made time for surfing lessons while away.

It sounds like he went to a lot of trouble to plan the memorable weekend, but Dean says that his wife is well worth the effort: “I wanted her to have a special birthday because she’s the love of my life. She deserves the world.”

Do you have a tattoo in honor of your partner or kids?

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  1. Darya

    Nice – a supportive husband is great to have.

  2. melanie1983

    i’d get one for my family…but not just my husband’s name or something like that

  3. Anonymous

    These people make me want to vomit.

  4. Janie

    Tacky, tacky, tacky! They have NO class!

  5. Anna

    Ugh I have to agree with Anonymous. This family is all about publicity. There is no reason for them to be famous but they still are. Is there nothing they can keep private.

    Also great idea to have some fish instead of her name, that way when they break up no harm is done.

  6. Dea

    Nothing good ever comes when you have your lover’s name tattooed anywhere on your body (Remember Angie Jo-Billy/wynona-depp, anyone?)

  7. Anonymous

    Is this the couple who had an affair while they were married to other people?

    Not sure who they are.

    What is their claim to fame?

  8. Cici

    Mmmn.. maybe I’m jaded but I’m a little suspicious of anyone going so over the top to declare ‘how in loooove’ they are. I envy the people who asked who they are on here. I know too much just by them being all over the media!
    But um.. from stories of Tori writing salacious gossip about her mom in the upcoming book (when it’s be best for her and her kids to refrain, forgiveness is needed when kids are involved) and the cheating- not a fan. They were both married when they met and that cannot be refuted. And Dean’s ex, Mary Jo recently revealed that Tori was mocking her when she tried to speak with her to make amends and told Dean (who kept calling her to see how it was going) ‘Yeah, it’s going great! We’re becoming soul mates!’ Just not nice. Ugh. They’re a little too much .

  9. Anonymous

    They are constantly pimping themselves and their kids to the media.

    Please go away Tori and Dean!

    No one cares about you!

    Another example of how money does NOT buy class!

  10. Anonymous

    To Everyone who has posted a negative comment:
    Obviously, if you do not like them you should spend your time in a more useful manner. I think they are happy, in love, humble and that is all that matters. They are making an honest living just like I am, so I am happy for them. Get a life and stop bashing on people that are much more successful then you will ever be.

  11. ?

    Tori is a lot of things but I don’t think gorgeous is one of them. Her kids are cute though….

  12. jimwwkrjiug

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