Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon: Some Bunny Loves You!

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon’s 19-month-old son Jaid Thomas squeals with delight as he pets a bunny, while his fraternal twin brother Jax Joseph looked on. The family spent Saturday afternoon at a Los Angeles Farmer’s Market.

Garcelle recently talked to PEOPLE about how the boys are so different, “They are completely different. We actually came to Malibu to the beach yesterday and Jaid completely jumped in [and] thought he could swim and Jax was really timid and was tiptoeing around the seaweed. Just so different.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • aubrey mackenzie

    Garcelle twin boys are adorable the picture with the bunny is priceless

  • melanie1983

    so cute, LOVE the curls!!

  • Anonymous

    her twins are beautiful.

  • Tiffany

    See…………….to all those keep stating that Michael Jackson kids shouldn’t be that “white looking ” even with being biracial. Well these boys are biracial with a Beautiful dark skinned mother and white father and they are very fair with blondish-brown hair. They are Gorgeous!!

  • ivy

    the thing about michael jacksons kids, well prince atleast, is he has perfectly straight blond hair. that’s unusual for a bi-racial kid.

  • What’s up

    To Ivy & Tiffany- Michael’s kids are NOT bi-racial that’s why they look “white”. His ex-wife Debbie had the kids and the sperm donor was white. Garcelle’s twins look more white but you can definitely tell that they are bi-racial. They don’t look all white.

  • Anonymous

    what handbag is that she’s wearing? The kids are really cute too.

  • tera

    What’s up

    that little blond boy doesn’t look any “blacker” than any other white child with curly blond hair

    he looks just as white as these full white children

    secondly NONE of michael jacksons children have blond hair, i don’t know whats wrong with you but where do you see blond hair? those kids don’t even have light brown hair that all hair dark brown/black hair

    his hair is NOT BLOND it is far from atually i am so sick of people blantantly lying about those kids as if people can’t see them . Their is not a strand of blond hair on any of those childrens heads. Thoses are his kids if see them with out the masks both of the boys look like mj when he was a child and the girl looks like a mixed version of her mother( she even has curly hair)

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