Tina O’Brien & Ryan Thomas Take Scarlett To Football Challenge

Coronation Street couple Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas took their 6-month old daughter Scarlett to the Hollyoaks Football Challenge in Chester, Sunday (May 17).

Tina held Scarlett, who was wrapped in a colorful blanket, and watched as Ryan play in the game.

O’Brien, 25, admits she went through a difficult time after Scarlett was born.

“I felt really frumpy, not just because of the weight, but because you’re in a transitional period as a new mum,” adding, “Your life becomes totally devoted to your child, which is amazing, but you end sitting around in slobs covered in sick. I felt unattractive, but I was expecting to feel that way. I felt hormonal as well.”

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  1. hannahmumma

    awwww she looks like her daddy!!

  2. carolyn

    Such a cute family! Love the pic where Scarlett’s got one sock on, one off. 🙂

  3. kw

    Such a cutie, looks v much like her Dad!

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