Tried, Tested & True: Soothing Our Babies Naturally

Maybe it’s because I did not have a daughter and just haven’t experienced the cutesy side of things, but I personally don’t really understand novelty pacifiers. You know, the ones with studded crystals and names printed on them? Not only do I not really understand the aesthetic appeal, but I also question how then can even be sold, when there are clearly some much better choices on the market.

Natursutten, a company based out of Denmark, has developed a pacifier that is made of 100% pure rubber! They are hygienic because they are molded in one piece, which means there is no joining or crack where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. Those concerned with the latex allergy associated with rubber can rest easy as Natursutten has removed the protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy.

My 1-year-old has been using the Natursutten since he came home from the hospital, and I absolutely love this product. It’s just another great way to limit the toxins that children are exposed to in our everyday products.

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Totally Natural
Dislikes? Not me personally, but found others hesitant b/c of large shield
Price: Ranges from $8.90US/$7.99Cad
Where To Find: The Soft Landing & Oh Simple Baby

Pictured Above: Jessica Alba with daughter Honor Warren using the Natursutten soother.

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  1. Moore

    I don’t actually understand the use of pacifiers let alone cutesy ones. Funny, though, that theres a pic of kingston with an embellished pacifier for the poll as I’m writing this.

  2. Cici

    thanks for this… I recently am trying to wean my son off them (15 months) slowly. Mostly it is to encourage more talking.. but anyway one thing that I noticed is conventional MAM pacifiers we get at the store (by the bunches, we lose them!) is the pacifier gets loose! I inspected one while washing it by hand and noticed one that was pretty new and it could have come out with a quick pull and def. been a choking hazard. So these all one piece pacis seem a lot more safe. I will def. try these.

  3. MomE

    I’ve never understood those bling pacies either.

    My daughter never took to a pacifier until recently, but has always been a thumb sucker. She spit out pacifiers. Then she used them for teethers, and we started calling them “chewies.” For some reason, around one she started sucking on them and has to have them to sleep! Maybe all the teeth she has were irritating her thumb? Who knows?! I always thought it would be easier to remove a pacifier than a thumb. But now I’ll have the wonderous task of weening from both! Ugh! But so far I haven’t been too concerned about it. Sucking is a normal soothing habit, that’s what’s to understand about pacifiers. And babies need to be able to suck for sustanence. It’s like a survival tool.

    Anyway, that said, yes the blinged out ones and the multi piece ones have always freaked me out. My daughter has always liked the soothies and nothing else (though we never tried these natursutten ones) though. So I haven’t had to worry about that.

  4. Anonymous

    Chicco has done pacifiers like that for so long.

  5. Anonymous

    Really? Chicco have pacifiers only moulded out of natural rubber? Are you sure?
    Otherwise there is also another company called Hevea, they also have natural rubber pacifiers.

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