Oscar Jackman: Ladies’ Man

Hugh Jackman and his 9-year-old son Oscar were spotted out and about in New York City this week.

The Wolverine star recently revealed that his son is quite the ladies man!

“My son is already scoping the crowd for chicks. It’s unbelievable,” Hugh told Jay Leno. “The other day he said to me, ‘Dad, two o’clock. Hot chick.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ He goes, ‘They’re hot aren’t they?’ I go, ‘They’re about fourteen.’ They’re fourteen, by the way. He’s eight. And so part of me is going, ‘Yeah, go on son,’ and part of me is like, ‘Oscar they’re fourteen, I can’t comment on whether they’re hot or not.'”

Not only does Oscar already have an eye for older girls, he also has a trusty pick-up line.

“He walks on over to them, I swear, he walks over and I could hear him, he goes, ‘Hi, how are you? I just want you to know my dad is Wolverine,'” Hugh says.

Sounds like a smart kid!

Hugh and his wife Deborra Lee-Furness are also parents to 3 1/2-year-old daughter Ava.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Hugh and his son are so cute! I love him

  • Darya

    I like children but this kid is a brat. There’s a clip of him on one of the sites saying very rude and disrespectful things to the pap about his mother who was standing right there. I wonder if he gets checked or any discipline at all about his behaviour. It doesn’t seem like it.

  • emma

    oscar is handsome. By the way celeb baby scoop Oscar just had jis 9th birthday

  • carolyn

    Thanks Emma! 🙂

  • Francesca

    As a mom of a 15 year old boy, one of the first things I taught him when he was old to enough to get it was respect ESPECIALLY for women. I think this would have been a great teaching moment for Hugh Jackman…and based on his response, a missed opportunity. disappointing…

    • Anonymous

      how do you know he didn’t discipline him? maybe he waited till the paps left.
      the video ended almost immediately after oscar made that stupid comment. you have no idea how his parents handled the situation, if they did.
      all we see is snippets of celebrities’ lives on tmz, I don’t think we should judge these people based on what tmz choose to show us.

  • Sanna

    @ Darya, in what site is that clip? I would like to see it.

  • Sanna

    It’s the tmz vid right? Deb seems so nice and Oscar totally acted like a brat.

  • Darya

    Sanna, I think it was on TMZ. I was half asleep the other night but I think they ran it on the TMZ t.v. program too.

  • Darya

    That’s exactly right Francesca.

  • what’s up

    No 8 year boy says “hot chick” unless he hears it from his moron father. Another horrible role model. What a loser!

    • Peta

      He could have heard it from his moron friends, or the moron media too. Let’s be honest – sexist junk like that is all over these days. Things I never heard until I was 12 are known by nursery school children these days.

      That said, I wish Hugh stepped in and put some sense into his son instead of laughing about it.

  • Anonymous

    just because you didn’t see the jackmans discipline oscar for what he said doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. who would want to air their problems in front of the cameras? maybe they waited until the annoying paps left to discipline him in private, as they should.
    you judge their family life based on 30 seconds of video clip that tmz decide to show you?

  • Anonymous

    what’s up: to be fair, there are plenty of other places that an eight-year old could hear/pick up the phrase ‘hot chick’, i.e. from friends, the TV etc. just because he said it doesn’t mean it came from his dad.

  • Anonymous

    SERIOUSLY! you people are all so judgemental on here!!!!
    Who says Hugh taught him the phrase ”hot chick”? he could have gotten it fro anyone anywhere!! and please, how does him saying this mean he doesn’t respect women? Seriously, Hugh is telling this ON JAY LENO as an anecdote!! When you’re telling someone a story about your kids you might as well leave out something you said here and there.. he was telling Jay about how Oscar was good with the ladies, not about how he disciplines his children… for god’s sake

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