Tried, Tested & True: Veggie Wash

I used to pass right by the Veggie Wash in the produce section – and would rinse my fruits and veggies with water when I got home. My New Year’s resolution this year was to live a greener life – so in January I bought my first bottle of Veggie Wash.

I don’t know what it was – but I instantly felt like I was giving my kids the best that I could give them. Veggie Wash is 100% natural and is made from corn, coconut and citrus which can remove wax, pesticides, soil, toxins and fingerprints from both standard and organic products.

Using it couldn’t be easier – just spray before, or on the same day you plan to cook or consume it – scrub a little with your hands and rinse.

Veggie Wash is designed for use on nearly all types of produce, including firm items such as apples and carrots, and softer items like leafy greens, grapes, and broccoli. They don’t recommend that you use it on mushrooms since they are porous and it could affect the taste.

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Natural, safe
Dislikes? none
Price: $4.49/16oz
Where To Find: Produce section of large and small grocers across the country. You may also buy Veggie Wash online –

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  1. Anonymous

    Not to be rude, but how is buying veggiwash going to promote a greener life, when washing with water in your sink would save the bottle the product came in, possibly the gas to drive to the store, the shopping bag to put it in, etc. I don’t understand how this could be more ecologically sound than water, more hygenic, possibly, greener? uh….

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more with you. This is ecological waste in it’s purest form and those companies are hypocrites (so are the people who buy this and think they help the environment). Just like those “eco friendly” reusable specially made shopping bags we see often on celebs (think Reese Whiterspoon), just use a plastic bag or whatever bag you have already at home, you don’t need to buy a special eco friendly bag to save the environment. Using the all the things you already have at hand instead of buying things you don’t need is the key to a eco friendly lifestyle.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it’s just supposed to make the veggies/fruit safer by removing all the wax and pestisides. I saw a program that had sets of parents washing fruits and veggies for their children the way they normally would and one even scrubbed for 10 minutes. The fruits and veggies still carried high amounts of pestisides after being washed in water because it was stuck in the wax which doesn’t really wash off. While this product might not neccessarily be ‘greener’ for the environment, I think it probably makes the produce ‘greener’ for people.

  3. Anonymous

    Just wondering how first 2 posters deal with chemicals/pesticides on fruit and veg? Personally I would prefer if my children were exposed to less toxins and then simply recycle the bottle. We have to find a balance in our lives. I save a ton of bottles making laundry soap from scratch, so maybe I can buy veggie wash then? Then simply Recycle the bottle? Not sure when recycling became a crime.

    ps. To Anon. #1, maybe you buy the wash on a day you are already at the store and bring your reusable bag, I highly doubt a trip to the store just for veggie wash would ever be in order.

  4. Anonymous

    In the first comment I never said the product was bad, I just said that it dosen’t promote a *greener* life style. More hygenic, yes, probably. Although you could put a few drops of vinegar in a bowl with sink water. But thats not the point. Just say it like it is. Its not greener, just more convenient, gives you peace of mind, whatever.

  5. mama_kate

    apple cider vinegar will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost and it’s one of those things that you usually have around already. just pour some into a bowl and dip veggies into vinegar – wok in with your hands and “rub vigorously” rinse with water. does not effect the taste – i use it on all my veggies before consuming.

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