Tried, Tested & True: You Can’t Go Wrong With Mom Jewelry

I have changed a lot since my children were born, and I can’t imagine many moms out there haven’t. I have heard such phrasing before, and I agree, it is almost like my heart just grew and keeps growing everyday, especially as my children are getting older. On this note, there is one item of jewelry that I never really saw myself wanting to wear, let alone tearing up at the thought of. I am referring to personalized mom jewelery, specifically gorgeous pendants where you inscribe your childs name/s.

My first brush with Sentimental Silver was very recently, long before Mother’s Day, and I of course did drop the name a few times to my husband, you know, about how much I would love such a gift. It was pretty specific, though come Mother’s Day I did not get my lovely silver gift. But I digress. This gorgeous silver tag would be a perfect gift anytime of the year.

This amazing product is handmade by mompreneur Christi Farr Johnstone, using .999% pure recycled silver, instead of sterling silver. The difference is vast, and you can pretty much guarantee that your Sentimental Silver pendant will hold up much longer than a sterling silver comparable, the reason being that sterling silver has less silver and is mixed with another metal, allowing to tarnish more easily. And as each one is handmade, they all have a ton of character, and really to me are an ideal gift for any mom.

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Recycled, Cute
Dislikes? none
Price: Avail in many shapes/sized starting at $35
Where To Find: Celeb Baby Gear

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