Wanda Sykes’ Parenting Revelation

Wanda Sykes hasn’t been a mom for long – she and her wife Alex welcomed twins Lucas and Olivia just 3 weeks ago – but she’s already learned some important parenthood lessons.

For instance:

“I realized that I don’t matter for s***. Basically. I don’t matter. Meaningless… It just puts everything in perspective,” Wanda tells Extra!

Though she admits she’s not getting any sleep, the New Adventures of Old Christine star shares that the babies are “great” and that she and Alex are enjoying the challenges of life with a newborn – or, in their case, two!

“They’re peeing on me. The little boy… I know I have to put a towel or something over top. But as soon as I put it on, he pees… It’s like the carnival. He’s after me,” she laughs.

Congratulations again to Wanda and family on the new arrivals!

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    Wonderful for Wanda!!!

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