Michelle & Matilda’s Coffee Fun Run

Wearing a pretty blue dress and doing a little dance, Matilda Ledger, mom Michelle Williams, Michelle’s mom Carla and some friends did their usual coffee run in Brooklyn Friday morning.

The 28-year-old actress, has started filming Blue Valentine in New York with Ryan Gosling. The Indie film is about a couple whose marriage is failing apart. As their relationship hits bottom, they remember better days.

Matilda’s late father, actor Heath Ledgers last film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus premiered Friday at the Cannes Film Festival with lukewarm reviews.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/Flynet


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  1. Anonymous

    I never tire of seeing pictures of her!

  2. Anonymous

    michelle looks gorgeous!

  3. lily madeline

    sweet little matilda

  4. gini

    Such an adorable little girl…always so happy. Clearly Michelle is doing a great job raising her.

  5. Amie

    She is so precious and has a lot of spunk!

  6. Em

    She such a character. Love her to pieces!

  7. Anna

    She’s such a happy child, always smiling and having fun!

  8. Anonymous

    What a lovely child! She is always happy and her mother is to be commended.

  9. Francesca

    The best indicator of great parenting? A Happy child! LOVE HER!

  10. Anonymous

    She always seems to be the happiest child on the planet. Love it!!

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