Tried, Tested & True: Baby Bjorn

I got my Baby Bjorn as a gift when my first daughter Grace was born. I really didn’t use it much with her, but 17 months later when I had my second baby – it became a life saver.

I had a toddler and life needed to go on. I did try a sling I had, but after many attempts I just couldn’t get my daughter comfortable in it. She was instantly happy and comfortable in the Baby Bjorn and I was able to be hands free.

Once my daughter got up there in weight, it wasn’t so easy to wear her for long periods of time, but during her fussy times I was still able to get dinner ready, pick up around the house, etc.

The only two cons would be that it did hurt my back after awhile and it is on the pricey side (but well worth the money)!

Rating Out of 10: 10
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? comfortable, able to be hands free
Dislikes? can hurt back after prolonged use
Price: $79.99
Where To Find: Babies “R” Us

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  1. Claire

    I’m sorry but for babies of Sera’s age this position is extremely unhealthy. The correct position at her age should always make the back (and spine) be round and the child should never “sit” on his/her crotch until it sits on its own (because of the pressure on the spine which isn’t supported by muscles yet!). OK for older kids (i.e. sitting and older). For younger kids a sling is a much better and healthier option.

  2. Stephanie

    Oh, I L.O.V.E. Baby Bjorn. From 5 days old to now (4 months and 1 week), my daughter enjoys it. She lves going sight seeing in it and as soon as I put it on, she has this huge smile on her face like ‘oh yeah!’.

  3. Justine

    I agree with Claire. I would love to see you try out and review some of the great carriers on the market that promote healthy baby spines and that are super comfy for the parents, even when wearing a 35 pound toddler! May I suggest a trial and review of: Kozy Carrier, Ergo, Ellaroo, Hotslings? You will quickly find, like I did, that these carriers have superior ease of use, comfort and longevity. I particularly loved my Kozy and my Hotsling and wore my big, chubby baby until he was 3 and 40 pounds!

  4. Vanessa

    When my baby was very young, I wore him in a Babyhawk met tai and loved it so much. As he got heavier, I got into other carriers and now carry him all the time in my Olives and Applesauce carrier. He’s almost two and I can wear him on the front or back and he’s weightless. I’ve never owned a Bjorn and would never give one as a gift. They look so uncomfy for parent and child, from what I can see.

  5. Justine

    I forgot Babyhawks! They rock 🙂 I’ll have to check out the Olives and Applesauce carrier now…

  6. We want to assure parents that BabyBjorn Baby Carriers properly position a child’s hips and spine. To read what Dr. Amanda Weiss Kelly and Dr. Allison Gilmore of Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital (a top 5 children’s hospital according to US News & World Report) have to say about how BabyBjorn Baby Carriers position children, go to:

    • Claire

      I love that JG is a mother that carries her child. But my opinion is that there are more ergonomical carriers on the market.

      BabyBjorn, I agree with the article in most points, especially the importance of the bond between mother and baby. BUT

      1. support of baby’s head is provided ONLY IN MOTHER-FACING POSITION. In frontal position, there is no such support.

      2. The baby must not fall asleep (which they very often do while carried) otherwise you have to get it out or turn it (ie. wake up)

      3. the correct abducted position is a fixed “frog-like” position. That is NOT how Seraphina on the picture above is carried. Her legs are dangling (no fixation of thighs) and because of the position her back is stretched or maybe even .

      Seriously, would you put a newborn into sitting position or rather make a cradle out of a sling?

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