Sam & Lola Sheen Are On The Move

Here they come! Denise Richards stuck close to her daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 4 next week, as they took their bikes out for a spin last Friday.

Denise, 38, recently revealed that her once-rocky relationship with the girls’ dad Charlie Sheen is now on much better terms.

“We’ve worked very hard to get it to this place, and I’m so grateful for it,” she says. “I think it’s important for, you know… It’s a lot less stress, it’s a lot less money, that we get along.”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast


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  1. Anonymous

    I love those 3! And I know that Denise will find a gorgeous man, she deserves!

  2. Sam

    cute bikes and it’s good to see helmets on the girls heads

  3. Jaime

    Those girls are never smiling….

  4. Hannah

    Jaime they are smiling in photos of the same day on x17online just not on here.

    CBS chose not to show the ones of them smiling.

    There is a really cute one of Lola aswell with an adorable smile on her face

  5. Anonymous

    At least they aren’t sucking their thumbs.

  6. annie

    Those girls are either not smiling or have thier thumb in mouth and blankie in hand. money isnt everything when your children are not happy.

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