Coco Arquette: Little Cutie

Actress Courteney Cox-Arquette picks up her daughter 4 1/2-year-old Coco from school in West Hollywood Thursday (May 28).

When Coco was born, Courteney wanted to name her after herself and her mother. David’s Jewish religion doesn’t allow children to be named after living relatives, so they chose Coco, a nickname Cox’s friends gave her mother when she was a child, calling her “Mama Coco”.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • melanie

    aw! coco is getting SO big and pretty!

  • janie

    She is adorable!

  • Anonymous

    kids in america goes to school, when they’re 4 years old? is that the first grade then? in my country school starts at age 6/7 and kindergarten with 3/4.
    sche’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    ^ It depends where you live. Age 3-4 here is usually preschool/pre-kindergarten, and 5 is official kindergarten, but some places have a cut off age for kindergarten. For example, if you’re born after July, you’d have to wait a year until you’re actually 5 years old. (I remember Reese saying that Deacon’s starting official kindergarten in September, but some kids born in the same year as him would’ve already started last september)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the answer. I was curious and thought first grade starts at that young age 😉

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