Gerard Way & Lyn-Z Welcome A Daughter: Bandit Lee

Rocker couple Gerard Way and Lyn-Z welcomed a baby girl, Bandit Lee Way, on Wednesday, May 27th his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Gerard and Lindsey Way welcomed their first child on May 27. Their daughter, Bandit Lee Way, was born in Los Angeles at 2:57 p.m. and weighs 6 lbs., 5.6 oz. Everyone is healthy and happy.”

Gerard, 32, is the singer in band My Chemical Romance and a comic-book artist. Lyn-Z (given name: Lindsey Ballato) is the bassist for punk band Mindless Self Indulgence.

The couple were married in September 2007. They announced their pregnancy news in November.

Congratulations to the Ballato-Way family!

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Photo credit: Splash

  • melanie

    dot dot dot

  • ivy

    im not sure what that /\ means. i love the name.

  • Anonymous

    i am thrilled about this child 😀 i’m sure she’s gonna grow up to be gorgeous, like both of her parents.<3(:

  • amelia

    LOL Melanie.. I totally get what that means. HA ha. *crickets*… ha ha

  • Anonymous

    I wish the very best for this family.
    Lucky Bandit………………

  • Pencils

    Bandit? So now people are naming their babies after their favorite childhood pets?

  • Pef

    That’s no better than least she has a normal middle name.

  • Phoebee

    So what are they gunna do when they both wanna go back to their bands? |:
    Eurgghhh her name is awful, but i’m sure she’ll be happy. (:

  • Avenger

    i love how they call Mindless Self Indulgence a punk band. And Bandit has the same middle name as me ! 😀

    • Anonymous

      Same here!

  • mystical

    I love her name. She’s gonna have one of the most different names! But I wanna see a pic of her. Where can I see one?

  • Emma

    am i the only one that thinks the name bandit reminds them of the hamburgler, i also think its the type of nickname girls from rcl and flavor of love girls have, like bubbles, pumpkin and so hood.bandit lol you can tell its gerard ways kid by the name though

    you have to admit bandie is a much better name that shilo

  • Alex

    omg. may 27 is my b day!!!!!1

  • Becca

    Awww…. she is one of the luckiest little girls alive. She has the best –And Hottest– parents ever!! I actually love the name. Very unique, and who doesn’t want that? 🙂 Haven’t seen a picture yet but I’m sure she’s adorable. Can’t wait for MCR’s new CD!!

  • H a y lee y

    omg im soo happy for them , soo cute i love the name bandit lee wicked! aah she’s so lucky she has gerard way as a dad so cute xD

  • Brookie*Bear

    im happy for them…..

  • savanna!

    that is one of the stupidest names on earth. she’s a BABY not a dog…or a raccoon….

  • carmina_mcr

    hi,baby…Bandit !!!
    good health….
    hey…Way Family
    keep on rockin’
    luv you all…

  • Anonymous

    man that’s tear-riffic news.

  • Zoey

    i love their daughter’s name !!

  • Brandi

    Not entirely crazy about the name, but I’m happy for Gerard and Lyn-Z!!

  • Dee:]

    first of all, i would like to congratulate gerard way & Lyn Z! CONGRATULATIONS!
    you guys are so lucky! and i love the name bandit! it’s worth it!
    just take care of her and she’s God’s Gift to you!

  • Zee

    -giggles- my bday is on may 27 XD

  • Alicia

    My birthday is May 28th the day after!
    And I like their daughter’s name, it’s unique. There are people with much more unqiue, and much worse names. And plus, Gerard and Lyndz probably had a special reason to name her that. Quit hating.

  • daisy!!!!!!!

    i love gerard and im glad they got a baby! congrats!!!!!
    so ya im only 14 and i looooove my chemical romance! ny favorite song is teenagers! i wonder what inspired him???? anybody know?! =P

  • A Girl

    OMG! That is soo cool. I luv mcr and gerard way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure the little girl is lovely, not seen a picture yet. lucky girl. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    who cares if you dont like the name, its their kid and you can pretty much name ur kid anything you want, i personally love it, never in my life have i met a bandit, its different unique and no one else has it, but i cant say that now bc im sure many people will start naming their kids that now 😛

  • Anonymous

    omg nooooooo i luv him:( nooooooo yyyyyy:( ooooo i guess congrats 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Frankie

    i never met anyone called Bandit, but i just live the name!!! even my grandmother said she’d probably grow up to be beautiful, ’cause of her two parents =]

  • MCR forever

    i want to be his kid!!!!!!!!!! hehehe lolz!

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  • Anonymous

    Love the name! x3
    But I prefer his old girlfriend Eliza!!!!!!
    That little girl’s gonna be
    I mean Gerard way is hot(:

  • ellie<3's MCR!

    I wish I was Gerard way’s wife! xDDD
    He’s such a hottie| wierdo!
    His daughters going to be BEAUTIFUL!
    But I feel as if his wife isn’t better then Eliza
    His wife seems ugly and is maybe with him just for his money?
    Yuh know B&^%$!’s these days -.-

  • Anonymous

    cute name !

  • Anonymous

    OMG!! i love Gerard Way he is amazing and a total cutie xx
    I hope he and is family are very happy and best of luck to them all
    i bet his daughting is beutiful if shes anything like her parent’s
    and i love the name it is so original xx
    Good luck to the way family and my chemical romance (who i am going to see at the metro arena in newcastle) xxxxxxx <3

  • Rock N’ Roll Kid

    I wish my name was something cool and unique like Bandit. Original names are great, she’s probably the only Bandit in the world! 😀 Common names are boring. If I ever have kids I’m giving them unique names lol :3 Bandit’s nickname is B (Bee) so it’s cool 🙂 Bandit is so cute
    good luck to their family!

  • Anonymous

    Gerard was happier with Eliza. Lyn-z only seems to be with him for his status, money, and fame…She won’t let anybody even caller her Mrs. Way…

  • Anonymous


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