Tina Fey & Family Dine Out In LA

Here’s a famous family we don’t see very often!

Funny mom Tina Fey was spotted heading out to breakfast in LA this morning with her husband Jeff Richmond and their 3-year-old daughter Alice.

The 30 Rock star recently told Jimmy Fallon that little Alice is behind some of the show’s famously funny dialogue, like her character Liz Lemon’s line, “I want to go to there!”

Tina’s co-star Jane Krakowski adds, “There are other things that Alice came up with as well, like ‘normal sauce’ and ‘crazy putty.’ These words are 30 Rock vocabulary. They’re hilarious – and they’re all Alice!”

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. melanie

    what a cutie! she looks just like mommy!

  2. Jenny

    Omigosh how cute! Sounds like we’ve got another brilliant comedienne on our hands! 😉

  3. Vivien Leigh

    Oops! Like Mommy? Serious? Wow! …

  4. Lioness

    My goodness, Alice is gorgeous!! Looks just like Mom, for sure- beautiful!

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