Kate Gosselin Plus Eight & Entourage

Kate Gosselin was spotted on holiday in North Carolina on Saturday with her eight children: 8-year-old twin daughters Madelyn and Cara and 5-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis. Along for the fun was a nanny and two security guards. Noticeably absent was Kate’s hubby Jon.

The Gosselin’s reality TV show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, drew nearly 10 million viewers for its fifth-season premiere on Monday. The popular show is now under investigation regarding child labor laws. It’s just one drama after the next for the Gosselins!

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Photo credit: INFdaily.com

  • Rinoa

    Those kids are adorable! It definitely seems suspicious that Jon’s absent from the family vacation. It’s too bad.

  • Hannah

    I thought it was Cara and Madelyn. Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.


  • Peta

    I think that they need to take a break from filming in order to repair their marriage and family, but I doubt that will ever happen. *sigh*

  • Daniella

    She always dresses those poor kids in identical outfits!! Doesn’t she want them to develop their own sense of individuality & personality? I have two sets of identical twin cousins & my aunts always allowed them to wear different outfits if they wanted to, especially once they were out of the toddler years, so that they would understand that they are their own individual. They all love being identical twins & looking exactly alike, but trust me, they each have very distinctive personalities.

    These children are not just septuplets, but their own individuals & they must be attended to according to their own individual needs & personality, and I feel like Kate often overlooks that. And that is one of the main reasons, amongst many, why I have always refused to watch their show.

    • Anonymous

      Ever occur to you that trying to keep individual clothes for that many kids straight, and clean, would be a logistical nightmare? How long do you think it takes to get that many kids dressed and ready in the morning even with interchangeable clothing? If you buy 8 t-shirts, how much fighting and bitching would occur while trying to figure out who got ownership of which one? No, the red ones mine, no it isn’t, yes it is, forever.

  • Ellen

    I was never into their show untill these headlines hit the papers. I feel really bad for these kids, what started out as a show documenting their lives has turned into a show destroying their lives. Like the saying says, money doesnt buy happiness. For Jon to have said he’d be better off in prison, well, that says alot. If she treats him horrible while filming, I can only imagine what she’s like off camera. Again, I know we cant believe all that we read, but for Kate’s brother to go on national TV (NBC This past week) and voice his concern for the kids well being, well, that says alot. How much more with She do for the ratings?

    • Anonymous

      The brother is pissed because they didn’t get paid to be on the show. How much more will he do for his fifteen minutes of fame?

  • Darya

    The brother and his wife are sour grapes because their time in the limelight was so short and now they’d do just about anything to gain another 15 minutes of fame.

  • Daniella

    Umm, hate to tell you, but one of my best friends comes from a family of seven children with a set of triplets (identical twin boys & one fraternal boy) thrown in there & all the kids are very close in age. Their mother never had a hard time dressing them in different outfits. The same goes for my aunts with the twins, one has six children & the other five children, all very close in age. It’s manageable, Kate Gosselin just freaks out over things that I have seen other mothers with 5+ kids handle on a daily basis as well.

    Then again, I’m sure things would be a lot more stressful in their homes as well if they had cameras filming them all the time. Just get rid of the damned cameras & focus on the children. All this filming & stress cannot be healthy for them.

  • Sarah EG

    I think they are cute kids. If I had this many kids, I know I would dress them the same as well. I am sure it is MUCH easier to locate them in a crowd of people when you are looking for the same color.

    I just wonder all we are hearing in the tabloids is true. Could some of it be staged? It sure has increased the amount of people watching the show. I know I have always watched the show, but only when I was lucky enough to find it on. Now I DVR it, so I can watch it.

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