Cate Blanchett Is InStyle

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett is luminous on the cover of the current issue of InStyle magazine’s Australian edition.

The article starts off with Cate sharing an exciting mommy moment:

“Do you know Iggy just walked four steps… My baby, walking… It’s incredible!” she gushes.

Cate is enjoying plenty of family time these days as she and her husband Andrew Upton have moved back to their native Australia from London with their three boys Ignatius, 1, Roman, 5, and Dashiell, 7, in order to take on joint directorship of the Sydney Theatre Company.

During the interview, Cate’s focus often returns to her role as a mom and her thoughts on parenting.

“They develop differently. You work as hard as you can to not only foster, but protect your children. You want to encourage and help them develop, but most importantly not to screw them up. And then there’s a large part of them – even from when they feed as newborns and the way they sleep as newborns, the way they’re born – that are latent, early manifestations of their personality. If you release those then they gradually become more and more defined.”

So is another baby in the plans for the busy Benjamin Button star?

“I’d love to have more children,” says Cate, who turned 40 last month. “Just when, I don’t know. But the thing is we hadn’t planned any of the others, the just popped out. So you shouldn’t over-plan these things. If it happens it would be great.”

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