Hedvig Bourbon: The Search For A Perfect Diaper Bag Is Over

How many diaper bags have you been through trying to find the perfect one? Mom-of-two Hedvig Bourbon experienced the same problem, and has developed the perfect diaper bag that is both chic and functional with a very unique strap system that easily converts from stroller tote to an over the shoulder diaper bag. Not only is this a ton of room for everything and a change pad included, but its also handmade in New York!

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  • Kelly

    Please, not so many product plugs. I’m a daily reader but am close to calling it quits. Not all readers of this blog are moms.

  • tessa

    not to be rude kelly but… well you may want to not be a daily reader then, because that is what half of this blog is about. i’m not a mom either, but i understand what the purpose of this site is so i overlook what doesn’t interest me…

    • Kelly

      Um, isn’t that what I said in my first post, that I’m considering not being a reader anymore? The option to make comments is here not only to allow us to share our thoughts on the story posted, but also to allow readers to provide feedback, so I don’t think I should be given a hard time because I’m choosing to pass along feedback. Blogs like this exist because of their readership and ability to sell ads. If readership is to decline and ads are harder to sell, it is only fair that the producers of the blog understand why their readership is declining. I actually participated in the reader survey that was posted earlier this week, but the questions were skewed towards what readers like best about the site. There was no area to express our dislikes, thus I shared that feedback in my earlier post.

  • ivy

    kelly, maybe you could just take 2/10 of a second and skip past the product reviews? that would solve the problem 🙂

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