Jeffery Tambor To Be Dad Again At 64

Actor Jeffrey Tambor, 64, has revealed that he and wife Kasia Ostlun, 41, are expecting twin boys ContactMusic reports. Tambor sat down with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show last night, where he revealed the news and admitted, “I’m very excited.”

The twins’ will join older brother Gabriel, 4, and Tambor’s 34 year-old daughter, Molly, from a previous relationship.

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  • Anonymous

    Guess it’s the new trend having a baby at 40. That there’s anything wrong with it, but come on a dad at 64?? Some ppl can be very careless and don’t think too carefully about the child’s future. But congrats to the happy couple I guess?

  • melanie1983

    i just feel bad for these two kids, they’re not going to have a dad that is able to run around and play with them, he might try but it woulnd’t be the same. i’m not trying to be harsh but i’ve seen kids grow up with wayy older parents. congrats

  • maggie

    “they’re not going to have a dad that is able to run around and play with them, he might try but it woulnd’t be the same.”

    That is not necessarily true. I am 22, My dad is now 76. He had me when he was 54. Yes, Jeffrey Tambor is older and I don’t agree with having kids at that age, but if he is in good shape, then he will probably be like any other dad. My dad is very active. He is in very good health. He rough-housed, traveled, took big camping trips… He now has 7 grandchildren and one on the way and is just as active as he was 20-30 years ago. He plays, he chases, he rides bikes and plays ball. Yeah, he probably won’t be here when I am 40, but that’s life.

    His wife will still probably be around. My parents are 18 years apart. If having two more children makes them happy, then good for them! Congrats. It’s not like their other (well one) children are that much older, 4 years old. It is great having older siblings. Mine are 26, 40, 42, and 43.

  • Amberella

    why are you people so judgemental?
    people can die at any age. what about some guys who have cancer and knowing they may die soon and they still go ahead and have kids? what about the soldiers who don’t even know if they can come back to see their newborns?
    i agree with maggie. it’s life.
    Tambor’s kids will thank him for giving them lives, not blaming him for having them at 64.

  • LC

    Well said Ambeerella

  • Rinoa

    I have to admit that when I saw that he was having a child at 64, my first thought was that it is unfair to the child. But honestly, Maggie and Amberella both made excellent points.

    It’s true that we don’t say anything about young soldiers that have children and also, parents could technically die at any age. And what about all those parents who choose to abandon their children? Surely that’s worse than being an older parent.

  • Anonymous

    So because somebody else may die tragically young, it’s ok to subject your kids to losing a parent at a young age? People dying young are an exception, having a kid at 64, knowing that your life expectancy is 76, is a finite thing. Sure it’s better to be alive than not, but the people I know whose parents died when they were only teenagers have carried a really deep pain with them the rest of their lives. You’re losing the parent just when the tough years are starting. It’s a selfish thing.

  • melanie1983

    thank you very much anon., well said!

  • Keri

    It is the quality of time we spend together that is important – not the length.

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