Jennifer Lopez Was “Really Nervous” To Return To Work

After taking time off from movie-making to focus on being a new mom to twins Max and Emme, now 15 months, Jennifer Lopez admits she was nervous to return to work.

“The few days before I got really nervous I was like, what if I forgot how to act? What if I can’t remember my lines?” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

Turns out she didn’t have anything to worry about. Jennifer, who is currently shooting The Back-Up Plan, now says that the transition to being a working mom was pretty painless.

“I bring the babies to work with me. I love it. Actually, one of the best days of my life was the first day back working on this film. I wanted to do this film really badly, and bringing my babies with me that morning, I was like, ‘Oh my God, they’re with me, I’m making a movie, they’re here!’ It’s great having kids on set. It’s the best.”

Jennifer, 39, says that being a mom in real life has helped her to better understand her character in the film, a woman who turns to artifical insemination to make her dreams of motherhood come true.

“My whole perspective and my insight on everything, on every single scene, has changed because of the fact that I’m a mother and the fact that I’ve given birth.”

The busy mom is spotted here on set last week with her daughter Emme.

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  1. Leni

    What a cute kid!!! New favorite!

  2. surs

    can you start doing movies so i can watch…i am such a big fan of yours and i love the movie you did “selena” and i am looking forward to watch another movie about you!!

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