Matthew Broderick & James: Scootin’ Side By Side

Matthew Broderick and his 6-year-old son James Wilke scooted to school this morning in New York City.

Matthew and his wife Sarah Jessica Parker are expecting twins via surrogacy this summer.

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  • Anonymous

    Why does this child always look like he’s wearing mismatched, mis-sized clothing that was donated to him out of a school lost and found? I don’t get it. I mean, I don’t think it’s necessary for him to wear super expensive clothes just because his parents are celebrities but his clothes rarely even fit. He is the most sloppily-dressed celebrity child I have ever seen. Of course, Matthew Broderick really doesn’t dress any better. It truly seems to me that MB is purposely grooming the child to be odd.

  • Anonymous

    That kid looks like a mess in his stupid hand-me downs.
    Hope they’ll dress the twins a little nicer-

    • Anonymous

      Given their fondness for long hair and capris, I imagine they should do rather well with girls.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, how come he grows out of everything lengthwise but never in any other direction? It’s like they’re playing a little joke on that kid.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard (who knows if it’s true) that even employees at his school have talked about how he wears hand-me-downs and is the worst dressed kid there. SJP can dress in the most expensive clothes made, but her son is the laughing stock of the school. Poor kid. Red shoes and green pants…ugh.

  • Anonymous

    I think hand-me-downs are ok,when they are nice,matched,in the right size and stylish.
    But the poor little boy is dressed like a homeless kid. Has Sarah told something about the reason,why she’s doing that? (sorry for my bad english)
    ITA poor boy,that even the kids at school laugh at him.

  • Lioness

    The worst-dressed kid?? Is it important for him to be “best-dressed” or “well-dressed”? Since when was fashion important for a first-grader?? Man you guys are harsh. The kid looks healthy and well-cared-for- who are the simple-a$$ teachers and adults talking trash about him? If I were SJP or Matt Broderick reading these comments, I’d be having a good laugh. How do you people even notice these things- he looks like a comfortable, very normal little boy!!

  • Anonymous

    in response to “Lioness”: Nice to meet you, Sara Jessica Parker. Get your kid some decent clothes. No one said he has to wear the top of the line. We just said his clothes should FIT and MATCH. Oh and, comfortable? When was the last time YOU were “comfortable” in ill-fitting clothes? Get real.

  • janie

    This kid looks homeless. Get him some decent clothes and cut his hair!

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