Maya Rudolph Promotes “Away We Go”

An expectant Maya Rudolph rocked the red carpet at the New York premiere of her new flick, Away We Go, at the Landmark Sunshine Theatre on the Lower Eastside, NYC.

In her new movie which opens this Friday, Maya plays Verona, a thirtysomething six-months-pregnant woman who experiences life as an accidental “billboard for pregnancy.” Many of the eye-rolling elements of pregnancy were familiar to Maya, 36, mom to Pearl, 3, and another due this fall. Away We Go covers the tricky terrain of second and third trimesters “so well,” the SNL star says.

“It’s about people’s feeling of wanting to be connected,” says Rudolph. “It just doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to: ‘Oh, God, you’re huge.’ I think the last person who wants to hear they’re huge is a pregnant lady.”

Although the ear-to-belly contact is rare, “I used to get the hands,” she says of people always wanting to touch her baby bump. “This weird hand just coming at me.” And she also became familiar with “crunchy judge-y” types. “By the way, they don’t go away when you have a baby: ‘What kind of diapers are you using? You’re not using gDiapers?!’ ” (the flushable, compostable brand Julia Roberts recommends).

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I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. the trailer looks really good.