Brad & Angelina Dismiss Rumors Of A Split

The gossip mill was buzzing yesterday with speculation that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially over.

The news, which popped up on gossip sites all over the Web, seemed to stem from a National Enquirer “exclusive” that quotes an unnamed source as saying that the couple have decided to separate after months of fighting:

“They will make it official. It looks like Brad will be shooting two movies in California and in the Amazon, while Angelina is retreating to their French chateau with the rest of the family.”

The report came after weeks of speculation that Brad and Angelina have been on the outs. But, a rep for the couple has denied the rumors, saying they are “absolutely not true.”

The pair – who have been together since 2005 and have kids Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne- certainly seemed quite cozy in Cannes last month.

Do you think there is anything to all of the Brad & Angelina breakup rumors?

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  • Peta

    It’s hard for me to believe any of it when one mag takes about a split, another about how great the relationship is and a third about secret wedding plans all in the same week.

    If Brangelina goes bust, it will be big news all over.

  • Anonymous

    National Enquirer is a load of crap,it’s the worst magazines of all,followed by Star and InTouch.
    I only believe what I see and hear from Brad and Angelina and think People Magazine is a good source and they say,everything is ok in this relationship.
    Happy Birthday Angelina,have a nice day with your lbeautiful family!

  • Becca

    It’s a bunch of garbage, but I’ll take anything over jon & Kate news

  • Anonymous

    Thats bullshit,I hate those tabloids and prefer People Mag.I wanna see the twins,they’ll turn 1 very soon and I’ll bet they look a lot like Shiloh!
    Happy Birthday Angelina

  • jess

    Their fake PDA in cannes made me suspicious. No couple truly in love after 6 kids is all over themselves like that. Look at Seal and HEIDI Klum, they look comfortable and their PDA is not forced. Mark my words we are seeing a break up soon.

  • Anonymous

    that’s called wishful thinking jess.
    mark MY words,the family is happy and will have another baby within a year!

  • Anonymous

    He’s spending the summer in California and she’s going to France with the kids. Sounds to me like we are three months away from the inevitable press release saying that they are separating, love each and will remain friends, and hope that people will respect their privacy during this difficult time. I’m with Jess, these two have never managed to achieve the easy togetherness that Seal and Heidi Klum have and it shows.

  • Anonymous

    Well… to be fair, those two get way more publicity than Heidi and seal and honestly, I don’t know if I would be comfortable in PDA if I have 30 cameras and everyone in the street lined up to see me.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be surprised if they break up. I mean they are both at different ages and I think she wants to be more wild and stuff, while he would like to slow down. I don’t know though since I don’t know them personally, however, I didn’t like two things that he said recently. First, when he was asked if they’ll ever get married, he said “We’ll do it for the kids” and second, when she was asked about his movie in one of the awards this year and she said her opinion, he added that “this is as much as we talked about it” which is weird because after all the premieres they haven’t talked about the movie?

  • Patricia

    Get a grip people. Unless you are a direct friend or family member of Brad and Angelia how does their private or public life effect your daily being? Being a fan is one thing but anything more than that your a stalker who needs serious help. What will be will be…they will decide.

  • Anonymous

    I lot of celebs go to premieres but don’t stay for the movie. According to People Angie and the kids will be in LA while Brad films Moneyball. I rarely believe celeb mags or tabloids unless all them are saying the same thing.

  • I am not a fan of Jen, but why do people constantly keep trying to push her down Brad’s throat?. If Brad and Angie are having fights it’s because people can’t seem to let sleeping does lay. If I worked between and 12 and 16 hours a day, then I would like to go somewhere I could chill out before I had to start my mommy routine. How many husband sit around the house on weekends and watch the kids while his wife is off doing something else?. He has things he needs to do just like everyone else. If you don’t walk in their shoes how does anyone really know what is going on.

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