Brooke Burke’s Kids Are Cupcake Cuties

Brooke Burke and David Charvet were spotted enjoying a sweet treat in Malibu today with their beautiful kids Heaven Rain, 2, and Shaya Braven, 14 months.

The 37-year-old mom-of-four – big sisters Neriah, 9, and Sierra, 7, weren’t with the family today – recently took to her Modern Mom blog to vent about some of the challenges of family life.

“There is so much going on in my household, dealing with 2 babies and 2 wanabee teens. Because I have two families in my life, every week when my big girls return from their father’s house, it’s like starting over-every Wednesday. It’s a totally different energy when I go from two kids to four, especially because two of them are not David’s. There are lots of feelings, little hearts, and emotions to consider. Most of the time I feel like a mediator, referee/counselor.”

Neriah and Sierra are Brooke’s daughters with her ex-husband Garth Fisher.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Anonymous

    cute family. but what kind of name is heaven?

  • melanie1983

    ^^ heaven is an adorableee name. and this famiyl is gorgeous!!

  • Jan

    Heaven is another celeb-retard Hollyweird name, unfortunately for the kid. Gawd, they are so out of touch in Hollyweird.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like david ain’t too keen on the children “not his”. sounds like she ain’t too keen on them neither

  • alexia kaelyn

    Heaven and shaya belong in the worst celebrity baby name list.

    • Anonymous

      Shaya is a pretty name for a girl. It doesn’t sound like a name for a boy, though.

  • Solène

    I don’t know if that family is really happy when the four kids are at home, it’s a shame that they don’t consider the girls are David’s and talk like that about them. Brooke should behave like a mother, not a counselor!

  • nosoupforyou

    Sounds kind of dysfunctional and like they only wish they had the younger two.

  • Katrina

    Um.. it sounds like the 9 and 7 year old are having trouble coping with another father figure and siblings, i bet it has more to do with them then the parents. and im sorry, being a mother IS guidance and help, and emotions and life. Period.

  • Katrina

    and just to clarify, im not saying the kids are in the wrong, just that it isnt “dysfunctional” to still be emotional over the loss of her parents marriage and them permantely in her life, and then the arrival of a new father figure and younger siblings. Life’s tough, dont be so judgemental.

  • Anonymous

    These pictures seems so staged! Maybe Brooke needs to focus on giving her children “Better Morals” Like NOT posing nude to further a career and Less time posing for photogs!
    SO D list!!! Please!!

  • Anonymous

    Those pictures are not staged: they were taken while they were shooting the pilot of their reality show.
    Beautiful couple and the cutest family in Hollywood IMO

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