Black Book To Beauty Expert Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas is a TV personality, best-selling author and beauty and wellness guru. A regular on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kym has written a series of Black Books revealing the hottest beauty secrets from our favorite celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry and Gwen Stefani.

This busy mother of an 11-year-old boy and two older stepchildren sat down with Celebrity Baby Scoop to reveal some inexpensive and time-saving beauty tips from the stars themselves. You might be surprised what you can find in your own kitchen cabinet to get that J. Lo ‘glow’ and those well-manicured hands like Brad Pitt!

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CBS: You’ve written 3 best-selling books The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets and The Black Book of Hollywood Mom & Pregnancy Secrets. Please give us some of your favorite tips from each book and include the celeb name along with the secret.

KD: “The books have taken on a life of their own. I think women really responded to them because my co author Cindy Pearlman and I were totally ahead of the curve when it comes to Women, Money and Beauty. When our first book, The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets, came out almost 4 years ago it was a high rolling, high priced, big spending time in our country. Real estate was high and gas prices were low….The media was touting buying $350 face creams to fight wrinkles. BUT we came out and said “WHY?” Why spend $350 on Crème De Le Mer at Barney’s even if you can afford it? Drug store brands have been proven to give you the same, if not better results. We can even go one better. Many times the celebs don’t spend that kind of money either they usually are gifted with skincare or have an endorsement deal with the lines.

Queen Latifah who has great skin told us one of her favorite secrets was using baking soda from the fridge (where it absorbs odors). Mix it with equal parts Cetaphil, a drug store cleanser that is very affordable. Rub that on your face for the perfect exfoliation without the harsh tearing and scrubbing of department store products or the high price tag. Your skin will be smooth, pores will be smaller and your make up will go on like Buttta!

Another favorite tip was from Sarah Jessica Parker. She told us that when she gets oily in her T zone, she never spends big bucks on those high priced fancy blotting pads, she runs into the ladies room when she is out and grabs the toilet seat cover, rips a corner off and dabs her forehead, nose and chin. It removes the oil and leaves your make up in perfect place – and its FREE! YAY!

My favorite tip from The Black Book of Hollywood Mom & Pregnancy Secrets is putting your babies teething rings in the freezer and when baby is done with them, lay them on your eyes to reduce puffiness and swelling. Gorgeous mom and actress, Angelina Jolie says Cheerios’ are the most perfect food on the planet and tells us she keeps a baggie of cheerios with her all the time to snack on. Her hubby Brad Pitt uses “Butt Paste” from Target on the little ones bottoms in their household and then rubs a little on his hands. We hear it is a great moisturizer and perfect for dry hands, elbows, knees and feet. Lastly, Pamela Anderson swears by Shea Butter which she rubbed on her tummy every day while pregnant to keep stretch marks at bay (pun intended).

Finally my favorite tips from The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets is if you are in a pinch and need to lose some water weight really quick to fit into the tight jeans or fitted dress, jump in a bath of epsom salts. Just pour one cup into warm water and soak for 20 minutes. The salts pulls the toxins from the body and act as a natural diuretic to aid in water retention loss.”

CBS: How do you get this information? The stars don’t tell you themselves?!

KD: “Ohh Yes they do! Between my co author, our TV shows, newspaper jobs, radio shows, public relations people we deal with, friendships and personal interviews we spoke with all of them. It took us years and lots of hustle.”

CBS: How did you become THE beauty-secret-revealing guru?

KD: “I was always interested in beauty from a very young age but went through times in my life when I could afford anything and times I couldn’t afford anything. I still wanted to look good no matter what my wallet said. Also being a reporter in Hollywood and married to a soap opera star it was important to look good. I started asking questions of the celebrities I was interviewing after the cameras were off. It began when I was an entertainment reporter at E! many many years ago I keep a journal of every beauty answer they gave me that was the proposal for the first book.”

CBS: In these hard economic times, what are some of the best beauty tips on a budget you can share with us?”

KD: “The books are all about “beauty on a budget.” We don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to look good. Some of the best beauty remedies are for pennies. Halle Berry and Jessica Biel use brown sugar and olive oil as a body scrub in the shower to exfoliate your skin and get that “glow.” Singing sensation and new mother of two, Gwen Stefani tells us about a great tip when your in a pinch and want ruby red lips but don’t want to spend $45 to get the YSL bright red power color. Just grab your little ones washable, red, crayola magic markers. The red color. Dab a little on your lips and top with some vaseline for shine. It will be the best red you have ever worn and looks good on every skin tone. Glamor girl here you come!!!”

CBS: You are a regular on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, doing anything in the name of beauty (e.g. smearing glue on your nose, letting Ellen smother a mask all over your face, applying a treatment to your hair, ruining your ‘do). What goofy fun! Is she REALLY that nice? And when is your next appearance?

KD: “It has been such a gift! Ellen is the most generous and giving TV personality I have ever worked with and I have done just about every show there is. She is BEYOND funny and talented. She never wants to know anything I am bringing onto the show before we go on, she is totally spontaneous and off the top of her head funny. Nothing is planned in advance – she is brilliant!! I am so blessed to be on her show as a regular. I am on Ellen about once a month. We are on hiatus right now but there will be reruns of me all summer. You can see all the clips on my Web site or on and on Ellen’s Web site. If you’re having a bad day or don’t feel very beautiful, watch one of these clips. It’s guaranteed to make you smile! And that is where real beauty comes from!”

CBS: In an image-obsessed industry, which celebrity do you think best displays the overall definition of beauty (inside and out?)

KD: “My taste in female celebrities varies greatly. I love Amy Grant’s values and spirit, Carrie Underwood’s style and grace, Ellen’s humor and kindness, Halle Berry’s love of her child and motherhood, Angelina Jolie’s drive to good in this world, Lucy Liu’s petite frame and elegance, Jennifer Lopez’s curves and glow. In our book there is something for everyone. All race, color, religion, style and age is represented and valued.”

CBS: For so many busy moms, a regular beauty regime is lost somewhere in between the piles of laundry and dirty diapers. What is your best advice for the mom who says she just doesn’t have the time for herself?

KD: “That’s another great thing about our books – we are all about “double duty” with almost everything you have in your home. We don’t believe in spending lots of money or leaving your house to look beautiful. You’re making eggs for your family for breakfast – grab one and use the egg yolk to moisturize your hair in the shower. The egg whites to tighten your face and pores. And don’t throw away your morning coffee grounds! Take them up to your shower too and scrub your thighs and butt with them. The caffeine pulls the toxins out and the graininess helps to stimulate the blood flow to those areas of the skin to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Bring your olive oil and brown sugar from the kitchen into the shower also for the best body scrub and then use a little Pepto Bismol that you have in the medicine cabinet for a pimple or irritation on the face or body. The tips and tricks are endless and all affordable and available. It doesn’t take a lot of money or extra time, if you just use things you already have and incorporate them into your daily routine of hygiene! A more beautiful you is just a few days away.”

CBS: Do you have your own skincare and jewelry line coming out soon? Will it be Hollywood-inspired, but affordable for the rest of us?

KD: “I am so glad you asked. I do have a new fabulous Facelift-in-a-Bottle coming out. I have been working with a chemist and laboratory for several months getting the formal honed. It is a way to tighten, firm the skin, neck and jowls and make the pores tighter and smaller. It is called the “Youth Lift” and will be very affordable. We are in talks with QVC to launch or on my Web site and through a drug store or budget department store. You put it on your face for 10 minutes before your next date night, high school reunion, ladies luncheon or wedding. It will tighten like a drum and you can’t talk or laugh (that is the hardest part for me). You rise off with cool water, pat dry and wa-la its an instant facelift for pennies. My philosophy is that when you feel good inside you want to have that reflected on the outside and when you look good on the outside people are even more receptive to your ideas, goals and dreams so you can go out and make them happen a little easier. I say be healthy, feel good, look fabulous and then go out and make the world a more beautiful place for us all! Who could argue with that?”

CBS: You have an 11-year-old son and older step children. How do you balance family life along with your busy schedule?

KD: “When I was doing The View in New York with Barbara Walters as their regular beauty correspondent, I had such a great time and Ms. Walter’s said to me, ”Kym, you can have it all, you just can’t have it all at the same time.” With all do respect to Ms. Walters, I think you CAN but it takes tremendous amount of balance and prioritizing. My spiritual life and my family life have always been most important to me, everything else falls into place after that. My father always quoted me a bible scripture when I was young and I never forgot it. ”What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?” It is so true, you have to keep your values and morals in check, put your family first and then the other things will follow. Another saying I live by is an old Scottish Gaelic one that goes, ”what’s For You will not go by you.” I trust and believe that. If a door closes right now the window will open for me next month so I don’t sweat it – I just plug away steadily. Remember too that the kids nap, they have play dates, pre-school and activities. While they are busy you can be busy planning, scheming and working on your ideas and goals. When they are around be with them 100%. Put them to bed and be with YOU 100% or your husband. I have aging parents, I am an only child, I have 2 step kids that were not easy, I have an 11-year-old son, a 24-year marriage, a husband with a busy and big career on the #1 rated soap opera The Young and The Restless, many social obligations, 3 jobs, 4 books and a weekly syndicated radio show, along with developing a skin care line and being the spokesperson for a new health care system that makes health care affordable to everyone called Health Care One! I want it all, so I have to work harder than most, longer than others and be more efficient with my time and interests but is its possible it’s Kym-possible! LOL. Only you can make your life beautiful.”

Go to Kym’s Web site for more information about her best-selling books and her various projects. While you’re there, be sure to check out the hilarious video reel of her and Ellen getting into all sorts of goofy fun!

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