Justin Timberlake’s Mom Wants A Grandchild Now

Lynn Harless, mama to pop idol Justin Timberlake, doesn’t want to be an “old grandmother”, reports FOXNews.com, and is pushing her son to hurry up with the baby making. Justin’s long time girlfriend Jessica Beil is feeling like a watched pot.

Jessica, 27, is much more interested in her career these days, telling Allure magazine that she has “no idea” if she wants to marry Justin, 28. Thankfully, her boyfriend seems to have taken her side and has apparently told his mother to “cut it out” on several occasions.

Harless, who was just 20-years-old when she had Justin thinks that his career has been so successful, he should now be focusing on “other things.”

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com

  • melanie1983

    haha that is hilarious!

  • Peta

    I hope that’s just a tabloid lie. I think it’s annoying when your parents pressure you for grandchildren.

  • Lioness

    Peta, my sentiments exactly

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping she would have dumped him by now!

  • Michele

    Why don’t they do like the other celebs. Get a surrogate to have twins for them, or take a few months to have them themselves, then let Grama babysit. That would be better than hiring a Nanny, that’s going to sue you later, for sexual harrassment, or not getting paid enough, or whatever.

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