Denise Richards & Her Graduating Girls

Denise Richards was seen attending graduation ceremonies for her two daughters, Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, at an elementary school in Pacific Palisades, CA on Wednesday. Denise’s father, Irv Richards, was also on hand but there was no sign of the girls’ father, Charlie Sheen.

Charlie and his wife Brooke Mueller are new parents to 2 1/2-month-old twin boys, Max and Bob.

Denise recently stated that she and Charlie have found a way to get along for the sake of their daughters: “We’ve worked very hard to get it to this place, and I’m so grateful for it. I think it’s important for, you know… It’s a lot less stress, it’s a lot less money, that we get along.”

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Maybe

    Typical picture of these kids – thumb in mouth and frowns on faces. These are 2 of the most miserable looking kids I’ve even seen in my life.

  • Francesca

    These kids looks so incredibly unhappy…poor babies

  • Becca

    Poor Sam, she always looks sad

  • melanie1983

    ^^ wow! i’m sure they’re happy kids! there aren’t pictures of them every hour of the day and i bet they’re happy when the flashing paparazzi aren’t around. anywhooo, sam is soo tall to be 5!

  • Lioness

    What did Denise do to poor Sam’s hair, lol! Those two braids look like antennae! I don’t like it. Sam and Lola are cuties, though, beautiful kids- though I agree, they do look- uhhhh- “worried” in most of the shots I’ve seen them in, especially Sam. But melanie1983’s right, we only catch glimpses of their lives, and it’s when the hounding paparazzi’s around, so who knows? Only hope they’re happy…

  • Darya

    I have seen photos of them smiling yes, but more of them frowning, thumb in the mouth….Denise seems like a very good mother so hard to say why the long faces on these two, could be just their personalities.

  • Dea

    I am more sad for the fact that Charlie wasnt there for his daughter’s graduation..yes it might not be a high school or college graduation but it must mean a lot to the girls, dont you think?

  • Veronique

    Why, oh why, does that child have on flip flops?

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