Krazy Ketchup: Sneak Some Nutrition Into Mealtime

This product really caught my eye, since I have two little boys that love ketchup and I am always on the look-out for healthy alternatives to sugary foods. Krazy Ketchup looks like normal ketchup, but is jam packed with nutritious veggies like carrot, sweet potato and butternut squash. All of the ingredients listed are organic, and instead of sugar, organic agave, a natural sweetener derived from a plant that lists low on the glycemic index is used, which is something that many parents will appreciate.

For something that is used so regularly in many homes, such as ketchup, Krazy Ketchup seems to be a great product that can help parents slip in some extra nutrition into your child’s diet and cut out some of that sugar that lurks unexpectedly in the foods we eat, and since it looks like regular ketchup, your children will never know the difference!

Krazy Ketchup can be ordered online here and is available from Bristol Farms grocery stores in California.

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  • Becca

    I’ve never heard of this, where do you get it?

  • heidi

    Hi Becca,
    I have updated the post to include a link to order online!

  • Jenny

    Omigosh MUST buy this for my sauce-obsessed son!

  • Lisa

    Me too, I don’t have a Bristol Farms so I’m going to order online. My son doesn’t eat any veggies, but he loves ketchup.

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