Latest Cover: Kate Gosselin Spanking?

On camera, TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is supermom to 8-year-old twins Mady and Cara and 5-year-old sextuplets, Aaden, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Leah and Alexis.

The latest In Touch Weekly magazine reports that the 34-year-old mom of eight spanked one of her children. Reportedly, around 11 AM on Saturday June 13, a witness spotted Kate and the children playing outside of their Reading, Pa., home. The magazine suggests that when Leah, one of the sextuplets, started blowing a whistle loudly, Kate told her to stop because she was on the phone. Reports state that as soon as Leah blew on the whistle again, Kate “seemed to lose her temper” and said, “Did you not hear me?” Reportedly, Kate then stormed over to her daughter, grabbed her and hit her. “The girl was screaming and crying,” sources say. “Kate just pushed her away and walked off with her coffee. Her older sisters were trying to make Leah feel better.”

In response to this cover, Kate released a statement through her reps to Life & Style: “Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

What do you think – did Kate spank Leah? And if she did, do you agree with spanking?

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Photo credit: In Touch Weekly

  • Briana

    Yes, she did spank Leah. Even though it is never shown on the show, I have never doubted that she spanks her children. This cover makes her out to be a monster, and suggests that the stress of her marriage is causing her to be violent with her children – which is absurd. She is disciplining her child, pure and simple – and even if you disagree with spanking it doesn’t make her a monster. Her kids seem balanced, happy, and especially well-behaved – so she must be doing something right.

    • Indy Mom

      Its sad that a mom can’t punish her children accordingly…she is no monster…Everyone needs to leave them alone….POOR bored people with no lifes

      • jmo

        no life eh? I see you posted here a couple times lol

  • Leanne

    Yes I do think that she spanked her but in the end whether the papparazi are there or not, mothers must discipline their children. The children seem well adjusted nad well taken care of. I would like to see the average mother take care of 8 kids and see if she wants to hand out a spanking or two. Leave her alone and find something more news worthy to report!

  • Peta

    I was spanked as a child, though those moments were vary rare. I don’t think I’m an emotional wreck because of it, but every parent seems to have their own methods of enforcing discipline. Whether or not you believe in spanking, letting your child get away with anything will only bite you and them in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Omg the tabloids really need to leave this women and her family alone! Nobody really cares about them sheesh!! I prey for those kids!

  • she takes something from her daughters hand back.
    thats it and nothing more, my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m guessing that the paps called the police on her because of this.

    Great way to get a good photo op @@

    I kind of feel bad for all of them, because I don’t think that they realized that the paps and tabloids would really care about them one way or another when they first started the show.

  • Darya

    Leave them alone! And the paps should quit hanging around the end of their driveway like a bunch of creepy perverts spying on small children.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think ‘spanking’ a kid is ever okay There are other more effect ways of disciplining your child without raising your hand to them. The only thing spanking teaches is…violence is okay when you’re angry or you’re not getting your way and should fear mommy and daddy

    • Indy Mom

      You must not be a parent of 8 or a parent at all….you are entitled to your opinion but a little smack on the behind is not hurting our children..I was spanked as a child and have a great and warm relationship with my parents…please…this is not abuse..

      • Anonymous

        I actually have 5 kids and I managed to raised well behaved children without hitting or ‘spanking’ them. You just have to have patience and use your head and not your hand

    • Dean O’String

      I cannot stand people who say silly things like, “spanking just makes kids violent” That’s just a bunch of BS. It’s no wonder our juvenile criminal justice system is so over crowded, with weak-kneed liberal thinking such as this.

      • Roz

        Sweetheart, I happen to work in the American juvenile criminal justice system. Guess what? The vast majority of juveniles going through the system come from violent families. It is VERY rare to have kids in there whose parents have never raised a hand on their child (and even those are usually children of neglecting rather than non-violent parents). Hmmmm… I wonder what the logical conclusion for that one is…
        “Spanking” might not necessarily lead to juvenile delinquency, but raising your child without corporal punishment sure as hell doesn’t send them to prison. You were spanked as a child and you didn’t turn into a delinquent. Fabulous. I was not spanked as a child (those terrible, terrible liberal parents of mine, what were they thinking??) and I did not turn into a delinquent. Tit for tat. You gotta be a bit more convincing than calling the other person’s opinion BS. Didn’t your parents teach you better?

  • Anonymous

    Honestly. Kate sucks. I can’t believe she spanked her kid over THAT. I’m totally for spanking kids if necessary, but not for whistling or whatever… Kate is a terrible mother; you can see it on the show. Not to mention there must be SOME truths to all of these hearsay stories. Maybe they’re exaggerated and not ALL true, but I believe some of them…

  • melanie1983

    seriously i wish the paps would leave them alone! you gotta do what you gotta do jeez!

  • Anonymous

    Really! As a mother of so many children discipline would be a must, and how she does that is no ones business. The only time that someone should have a say so is if those children are neglected or abused. Just leave her alone! I really feel for her, as a mother of two I have those days where enough is enough, so i can only imagine what she is going through.

  • Rena

    Is this for real? Must be a slow news day with all the real celebs. Who hasn’t had a good smack on the rear as a child? Leave them alone, I’ve never seen her do anything that could be considered abusive. If anything is going to mess those kids up it’s going to be the mental effects of everyone telling them how horrible their mother is.

    I’ve always thought she’s been doing as good of a job raising those kids as one can expect. They’re decent kids and they all seem pleasant, well-adjusted and down right likable outside of the normal tantrum. She works hard and is very devoted to those kids.
    I’ve got a mom with a very similar short temper and trust me, there are a lot of worse types of people you can have as a mother.

  • amber

    time out doesn’t really work as the kids are getting older.
    spanking is a punishment. time out is not.

  • Heather

    I agree with everyone else, well the majority of everyone else. Kate seems to be a good mother and works hard to take care of all 8, and it seems like she’s doing it mostly on her own right now while her husband has a mid-life crisis ore something. I swat my son on the hand when he does something out of line, but he’s also only 20 months old. As he gets older I’m sure he might get a swat or two the the butt…when I think of “spanking” its not what I see kate doing in the picture. And whoever it was that knew exactly what the “spanking” was over must have had great hearing or be a two-faced friend b/c what I’ve seen of where their house is it is pretty set back from the road and they have that long gated drive way, so how do we even know if it was over her blowing a whistle while Kate was on the phone? People…get over trying to find something wrote with this family and move on to worrying about your own life instead.

  • Lucia

    I’m sorry, but spanking your child because she blew a whistle???? If that is what she does when Leah blows a whistle, I don’t want to know what she does when they do something worse. Actually I do want to know, because I’m sure it is ten times worse, and she does not deserve all those children.

    Spanking should only done when the child’s safety is put at risk by their actions. If they spank her to teach her not to blow a whistle, what did they do to teach her to not run into the street????

    • Indy Mom

      She was being disruptive and disobeying her mother by blowing the whistle…it states the mother asked her to stop twice…that is deemed a alright punishment one swat on the rear end…come on lady are you serious…I’m sure that’s what happens everytime one firm and controlled swat…if she BEAT them she would have done it then

      • GirlVirgo72

        Sorry but I agree with the other person – she was acting like a little kid and blowing her whistle – that merited getting spanked in the street in front of siblings, neighbors and paps? It wasn’t like this kid was rough housing with her siblings and purposely hurt another kid – that warrants a spanking? Kate knows there are people out there with cameras and yet she lost it over something so insignificant – was that merely a show for the paps? I was beaten as a kid and while I can understand the concept of discipline I really feel a spanking should be as someone stated earlier over something grave like the child is in harms way. People who can’t handle so many children shouldn’t have so many children because the next step is medicating these kids because they are alittle too much to handle and where does that get us then?

      • Anonymous

        It is not the fact that she was blowing a whistle or any other type of playing. It is the fact that she disobeyed her mother. Disobeying is disobeying whether it is punching someone in the face or not picking up your toys when told. Discipline has to be consistent. I was spanked as a child, and I never felt abused. My parents were very loving, and I always knew why I was getting a spanking. It was always for something I knew that I was not supposed to do. There is a huge difference in spanking and abuse. A whack on the butt is not abusive.

  • Anonymous

    I used to love this show and now cant stomach it. I dont believe in spanking, but that is my own opinion. The problem is she prances around like she rules the world and would never do that in one of her staged photo ops. She is obnoxious and has started to care more about the money..and that thing with getting water for herself and none for her daughter..disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    I used to love this show and now cant stomach it. I dont believe in spanking, but that is my own opinion. The problem is she prances around like she rules the world and would never do that in one of her staged photo ops. She is obnoxious and has started to care more about the money..and that thing with getting water for herself and none for her daughter..disgusting.

  • I personally think spanking is personal decision and should never be done in anger or it’s just the same as “hitting”. I was spanked as a child and am perfectly well adjusted and I spank my daughter as well when the situation calls for it and I feel she is well rounded child who loves life, yet knows her boundaries. Who knows what the true events were leading up to the “blowing of the whistle”. I personally think she should be left alone, but again, she is the one who put her family on television. She made her bed, so….

  • popsykl

    nothing wrong with giving a smack on the bum!!!! sheesh it wasnt her face

  • Ruth

    Are we in the 21st century?… It’s sad to hear parents condoning “spanking”. What is the difference between spaking and hitting?? On a practical level, I mean. Your intention might be different, but the message you are sending out to the child whether you want it or not, is that violence in a legitimate way of achieving what you want, and if you are the stronger one, you can do it. And then when the child hits a younger sibling or child because they are not ‘obeying’, we get angry with them because they are being “naughty” (horrible word). Give me a break. That’s being hypocritical. You’re either OK with violence or you’re not. As parents we may lose our patience or temper and “smack” a child in an extremely challenging moment. I did that once and I apologized to my son later and explained it was not the right choice to make. We actually talked about what we can do when we get really angry and why hurting someone is never OK. He had just turned six and he had some amazing input into the conversation. Yes, I was also occasionally “spanked” as a child and yes, I still love my parents, but that’s not the point. I have worked with abused children who love their parents dearly, so let’s not use a child’s love of their parents as a parameter to decide what appropriate parenting skills are. Children try to do the best they know how, and very often their behaviour is a direct result of too little dialogue and interacion with parents, not enough or inappropriate modeling, a feeling of being misunderstood or not heard at all. I don’t want to pitch names here, but Alfie Kohn’s stuff on parenting changed my life and the way I see my child. We begin by changing our vocabulary.. Chuck out “spanking”, “naughty”, “good/bad”, “stop it”, “you can’t do that”. Those are things we have been taught to say but have never really reflected on. And no, your child will not grow up to be a “spoiled brat” if you don’t “spank” them. As for the Gosslings, I simply feel for the children. They never chose to do this.

    • Lily

      Parenting is about having respect for your children as humans. Thanks Ruth for verbalizing what my mushy new-mom brain can’t! I’ve also worked in children’s services, and it have found that teaching (safe) coping skills to an angry child is much more effective in the long run.

  • August Mum

    Amen RUTH!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she spanked her. Kate’s gone off the deep end, she clearly lost her cool around cameras no less! What happens when no one is around?

  • Sandy

    Come on Kate, wise up, you’re going to lose the kids!

  • Jen Dugan

    I think Kate needs a crash course in parenting. There are more effective ways to discipline a child other than spank or hit. If an adult did something wrong and someone spanked them – everyone would be up in arms. I have no idea why its okay then to spank a child when they do something wrong. Discipline means to teach and hitting teaches nothing other than “I’m bigger than you and can force you through pain to do what I want”. Sorry, not a fan. I am a mother and am able to teach without using hitting or spanking. Positive discipline….

  • melanie1983

    seriously ruth? yes we’re in the 21st century, and a little spanking (little kate) never hurts!

    • Anonymous

      It always hurts!…It hurts their feelings, It hurts them physically and it embarrasses them. Look at your kid in the face the next time you “spank” them. Trust me you won’t see a happy well adjusted child. You’ll see fear, embarrassment and anger.

  • Cords

    What is wrong with a mother disciplining her child/children? I do not see anything wrong with Kate spanking her. It’s not as if she went ballistic and beat her up by punching and kicking her. There is a difference!

    There is nothing wrong with what she did.

    Children need structure and discipline, without it they will just run amok and do whatever they want…and then the parents will be blamed for not taking control.

    Proverbs 22:6 “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they grow older, they will not leave it.”

    Proverbs 22:15 “A youngster’s heart is filled with foolishness, but physical discipline will drive it far away.”

    Proverbs 23:13 “Don’t fail to discipline your children. They won’t die if you spank them.”

    People seriously…I can go on all day!!

    But on a serious note…I am not condoning a parent using their hands to hurt a child. Disciplining your children in a loving manner and not during anger is the best form of discipline, you cannot raise a child without it.

    Proverbs 29:15 “To discipline a child produces wisdom, but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child.”

    It’s sad to think that because of a few bad apples (those people who take it to the extreme) we all have to suffer. I am not fond of Kate per se, but I see nothing wrong with her actions!

    “Whether the paparazzi are there or not, I am a mother first. I love my children and when they misbehave, I discipline them as I deem appropriate for the situation.”

    Proverbs 13:24 “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.”

    Nuff said!!

    Discipline does not equal or mean abuse!

    • Ruth

      Somewhere in the Bible or thereabouts: DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE THEM DO UNTO YOU.
      The word ‘discipline’ is derrived from the latin word for ‘instruction’ and from its root ‘to learn’. It has nothing to do in its original meaning with corporal punishment.
      What am I teaching my child by hitting them? My children do not ‘run amok’. How is that? I certainly did not give birth to angels, nor am I one. I have disciplined (instructed, learned) children because they are listened to and are talked to and are explained things. And yes, sometimes ad naueum. Children are not “bad” or “naughty”. That is parents’ convenient way of justifiying losing their temper. Of course it makes sense to “smack” a child if they are “naughty”. It’s much more complex and challenging to say “Shees, that kid is having a really hard time with this situation. I wonder why and what needs to be changed to help him out.”. More often than not there is an emotional, intellectual of physical need that is not being met and that causes a child to behave in ways we do not approve of. Lack of corporal punishment does not equal lack of discipline. By hitting a child we teach them that if they don’t do something, they will suffer. By listening to a child (REALLY listening, with no pre-conceived reply and conclusion) and offering them an alternative, more constructive way to behave/interact, we teach them that we care and give them coping tools for the future. The Bible also says ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’. Does that mean children should hit us back? Maybe when they are strong enough? And what about teachers, why shouldn’t they be allowed to “smack” your child? And as for that ‘rod of discipline’ quote, I assume you don’t take it literally. I’m guessing rods are out of the question. Every quote, holy as it may be, is open for interpretation. And you will find many holy quotes agains violence, if you look for them.

      • Cords

        Ruth the bible can be interpreted in many ways is right. It never states that teacher’s should be allowed to discipline your children it states parents should…now it all starts at home and if you do not provide that foundation from the start then what’s left?!?!? The parent is responsible for the child/children their learning comes from us period!! You are against spanking and that’s fine, but don’t think that your way is the correct way and Kate’s way is wrong…who r u to judge?!?!? You may look at your children and think you have done a great job with them, but I am sure if you were to sit in on your friends or someone talking about your children they would all have varying stories about them and their behavior. My point is we all are not perfect and how we choose to discipline our children is ours to decide…as long as it’s not taken to the extreme and harm our children. I have spanked my son on many occasions and I also talk to him whenever he does something he should not…but as a child he understands that I am the parent and responsible for him and his well being…no one else, so when I discipline him he knows it’s out of love and not to harm him.

        I will state that it’s all in how you use your power as a parent with your child. If you abuse your child they will abuse others…if you discipline with love and care they will do the same…discipline does not mean “corporal punishment” it does not mean spanking or hitting alone!!!!

        Oh and yes there are many quotes in the bible against violence…I know those as well; there are also quotes on ignorance as well but again it’s all in how you use it. The word rod is used but can stand for anything and not an actual “rod” it can stand for talking, spanking with your hand, etc…you have your opinion on hitting, and I have mine and we both agree to disagree!

  • Anonymous

    not everyone believes in the bible and not everything cause for people bringing it up. What it comes down to is …you raising your kids the way you want: beating them…”spanking them” or not. No book, internet commenter or idiot with a camera is gonna change your parenting style. And NOBODY really gives a crap about your opinons on theirs

  • Heather

    I for one cant stand Kate at all. I never have liked her, because she is a total “B”!! The ONLY reason she has any money at all is because she is using her kids to get it. I really hope they cancel that show soon! So MANY people have raised lots of kids on there OWN!! I dont see why her and Jon cant do the same! I for one dont feel that her or any of her family are famous, and none of them deserve to be on any website with “Celebrity” in the title. The also dont deserve to be in any mags with “Celebs” in them.
    Also, who cares if she spanks her kids. I am sure they deserve it, and so does Kate!! I can only HOPE that she spanks that bratty Mady as well!!!

  • Lauren

    I swear to God…if Kate would have given Mady a good pop on the butt, everyone would be cheering, saying, “It’s about time!”

    Give me a break, people. Leah was shown in a picture with the police car probably no more than 5 minutes later, and she looked absolutely fine. These kids get spanked regularly; Kate has even admitted that before. Is it the best way to discipline all the time? Well, no. Personally, I think it depends on the child. My sister was spanked a few times when we were younger and she doesn’t even remember it; however, even though I was never spanked, I remember each time my sister was spanked very clearly; that form of punishment was not for me. And my parents knew this.

    Kate knows her children better than anyone. Does that mean she’s a terrific mother? Of course not. She drives me insane with her selfish attitude and excuses. But the public is nitpicking her as a person and a parent way too much and it’s getting out of hand. Think about the kids reading this information written about their parents; how awful.

  • Anonymous

    take a look at how different kids act today from how they acted 20 years ago, spanking never hurt children in the “old” days, kids were a lot more well behaved when parents had the right to discipline them! now kids know their parents cant do anything to them or they will have to cops called on wonder kids are horrible these days!!

  • Lainey

    Spanking is not acceptable. It is not ok for an adult to hit another adult. It is not ok to hit our dogs. Why then do we accept so easily that hitting children is no big deal. Hitting a child is never appropriate for the same reasons that we don’t allow it between adults. Spanking only creates pain, fear and humiliation. It does not inform or teach anything regarding the undesired behavior. It is mostly the expression of an angry adult that has lost control of their own behavior for whatever reason. Often, these parents are very inconsistent with enforcing the rules and then they reach a breaking point and snap over the littlest things. Parenting is not an easy task, and requires patience and consistency and respect. Modeling the behavior that we want and redirection, distraction and praise are the most effective methods with young children and making sure that the environment is appropriate. Understanding what is reasonable to expect developmentally from a child is also important.
    I am raising two boys (ages 13 and 10) and have never spanked them and they are very well behaved, respectful children.
    I don’t watch the Jon and Kate thing. The issue of spanking and the Bible is a whole other conversation and I think anyone that uses that as justification is really off base.

    • Debora

      That was amazingly well put, Lainey. It would be great if people received a bit of information on infant and child brain development before they became parents. It’s crazy some of the things that have been said here. It sounds like children raising children. If you really want to be ‘in control’, you have to first grow up and mature. I really wish all of the people who say spanking is OK would get slapped on their butts or face the next time they did something someone else thought to be inappropriate. Bosses should also slap employees until they get what it is they are supposed to do. And yelled at. Because that method has always brought about happy, hard-working employees, right?

  • Amie

    I have never understood spanking. How is spanking a child disciplining them? I’ve seen kids hit their siblings and the parents give them a spanking for it. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all. BTW I heard that Kate or someone else at the house called the police b/c of the paps.

  • Briana

    I am all for a healthy conversation about spanking – but what is the most troubling to me is the attitude the “non-spankers” have about mothers who choose to spank. There seems to be this idea that mothers who spank are ignorant in child rearing and do not know anything about child development and know no better way to discipline their children. That is completely false. There are plenty of involved, educated mothers who choose to spank as a form of discipline. Obviously the decision to spank a child is personal and left to each family – but to assume an attitude of superiority because you choose not to spank your child is foolish and ignorant.

    • Sharon

      Brianna, when there is research showing the detrimental effects of corporal punishment and more and more educators, psychologist, social workers, parents and governments are speaking out against hitting children, it is tricky to assume a ‘you say “potayto”, I say “potahto” stance… Educated people (as in people with university degrees and white collar professions) do not necessarily have a good understanding of the socioemotional, cognitive and physiological development of children. There are also perfectly well-educated folks out there who smoke around their kids and feed them junk food most of the time. And I think we can agree that the damage cigarette smoke and junk food do to a child is not up for debate (I hope). So why do they do it? Busy lives, lack of time, convenience, selfishness, who knows.. Would you call me condescending because I believe feeding your child healthy food and raising them in a smoke-free environment is better than having them inhale second-hand smoke and feeding them junk food? In the same vein, I have enough information that tells me that corporal punishment is detrimental to a child’s development. If others don’t want to look at that information, be my guest, but that will not turn this matter into one of mere opinion. In fact, if you think this is a pure matter of opinion, I would suggest you try to find some recent books or research that support hitting children and show how children benefit form corporal punishment. Hitting a child serves one purpose: to get them to do what you want. And there are a million other ways to achieve that, they’re just a bit more time-consuming and require some thought and reflection from the parent.

  • Anonymous

    First I’d like to point out that the attitude is going both ways in the post and well honestly I do think that ‘non spankers’ should feel some type of superiority over spankers because they’ve found a way to parent and deal with misbehavior without resorting to violence or making a hypocrites out of themselves. Kids learn by example…do as I do not JUST as I say.

    • Sharon

      You know, Anon, you said it much more eloquently and concisely than I did… Thank you. Here’s to nonviolent communication! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am actually not a proponent of spanking. But I also don’t believe it is as detrimental as some people seem to think. As far as the educational material that lists the detrimental effects of spanking – I would be interested to see in ten years all the detrimental effects of the lack of strict discipline that seems to be prevalent in new parenting philosophies. Ideas like redirection are great in childcare settings because other people are dealing with your children, but used as a childs only discipline in conjunction with other softer methods of discipline it’s life are sure to create a child that will suffer later in life because they have no concept of action and consequence. I believe that the discipline styles that are popular instead of spanking and saying “NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT” (as mentioned in an earlier post) are very harmful to children also. Creating over indulged children with no concept of boundaries is just as harmful as over-disciplining children.

    Also comparing spanking to second-hand smoke and feeding junk food, is unbelievable. To count spanking in with lazy parenting behaviors like that is so ignorant. What takes more effort putting your foot down with children or not disciplining at all ? Those neglegent behaviors should be in the same category as parents who believe that children should never be said “no” to. Because as complicated as they want to make them sound, parenting approaches like that are the laziest of them all

    • Anonymous

      No one in this post said they’re against disciplining their kids, they are just saying that there are other ways of doing so and just because it doesn’t put the fear of god in there kids doesn’t mean its not effective.

    • Sharon

      Really? Sitting down with your kid and explaining to them why something is not safe or what kind of consequences their actions can have (who said anything about no consequences, btw? Unless you are counting physical pain as the only possible consequence) is lazy? Telling a child “Let’s do this here instead” is lazy? While you say that you are not a proponent of spanking, it sounds like you believe the only alternative is raising your children with “no boundaries”. The whole idea of “soft” vs. “hard” discipline seems strange. What would you count to be “soft” discipline? I mean, if it’s still discipline, i.e. ‘instruction’, shouldn’t it have some kind of effect? And “hard” discipline? Yelling? Spanking? No dinner? Let’s be clear about that. And yes, it takes much less effort to slap your child and send them to their room than to take a breath, take a step back, ask youself “what the hey just happened here and where is the learning opportunity here, both for myself and the kid?”. Believe me, I’ve experienced both. It’s the same difference as between ordering a kiddie meal at the drive through and going to the market with your kids to buy fresh veggies, coming home and cooking something together. Tastes different, feels different, and the latter has sooo many more opportunities for both sides to talk & learn & laugh.
      **Btw, I’m not suggesting we should be going to market with the kids every day… Real life out there is busy, things are not ideal. THe point is to strive in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    I have two kids, they RARELY get spanked, but let me tell ya…..sometimes thats the only thing that gets their attention. I feel sorry for Kate, God help me if I had someone following me around and watching me all day, it wouldn’t be pretty!

  • While Jon & Kate are making some “life changing decisions,” are you helping or hurting them and their children? Better yet, what are you doing for your own marriage? Refocus the chatter to praying for this family, their healing, and find resources and tools to help strengthen your marriage.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone does need to leave Kate alone. I love her! and the bible clearly commands discpline/spanking. I have a 6 yr old and a 3yr old niece and they both get spankings all the time and they are the happiest, smartest, well behaived, most loved children Ive ever seen in my life. But peoples opinions dont matter. All that matters is what the bible says and I feel bad for those of you who refuse to believe in the word of God (2Timothy 3:16-17) because Jesus is comming back one day to judge us all and the only way to find out if you are living a life that is acceptible to God is to read the bible (2 Timothy 2:15.)

    • Anonymous

      Let’s start by learning how to spell or use a dictionary. Since we all seem to know what Jesus would want, I’m sure He would love us all to be good spellers. And I think He’s also the One who advocated turning the other cheek. Now we just have to figure out if that’s only meant for children of spanking parents. I’m sure there are some clear, indisputable instructions in the Bible for that one, too. How wonderfully easy life must be when everythng is so simple and one-sided…

  • Anonymous

    “and they both get spankings all the time”

    am I the only one who finds this heartbreaking?

    • tera


    • Anonymous

      No, you’re not. I wouldn’t want to be a child growing up in that family. Neither for the spanking nor for the limelight-seeking mother. The kids seem to be props more than anything at this point.

  • Leon

    I think its horrible that someone is bragging about kids they know getting hit on a regular basis…shame on you and the person that agrees that this type of behavior is okay let alone deserves praise.

  • Carol

    I don’t about any of you but I wasn’t there to see or hear if a whistle was blown or what really went on that got kid a swat on her butt. Whether you believe in spanking or not to spank if your opinion, and just because we all have our own opinions doesn’t mean we are potically correct. Hate to break it to you but we all live in dysfunctional homes if someone else in looking into your parenting skills, your lifestyle etc. That would be why we shouldn’t judge someone else. We are not walking in there shoes. What we should be doing is praying for this family, all the dirty laundry is hanging out there for all of us busy bodies to see. We have the right to agree or disagree, but this family came into our lives with there show and I have enjoyed watching this children growing up. What I hate is that the media has decided to turn there lives into a 3 ring circus. We’re talking about 2 educated people with 8 children doing the best they can, and yes they have made money by there show which helps to support the kids. And maybe we are all at fault for that because we are so darn curious about any multiples, and reality shows are the upcoming thing. So stop with the they are bad parents, there NOT, stop with the holier than thou attitude. Give this family and break, instead of bad mouthing them take the time to say a prayer for them. If you not religious then just take the time you use to berate them and wish them well in this difficult time.

  • Rana

    When children misbehave you punish them, one punishment is a swap on the bottom. I don’t agree doing it publicly but spanking is a proper punishment method.

  • crystal

    I think it is ridiculous that Kate’s “hitting” is being made a big deal of. I looked it up out of curiosity regarding the general consensus about spanking. I am pleased to see that many people have not felt pressured to leave their children undisciplined by what is considered politically correct. As an elementary school teacher I find it ridiculous to condemn spanking as if it were abuse. Spanking can be a very effective form of discipline when not taken to extremes and used incorrectly. It isn’t “hitting” out of anger, it is modifying unacceptable behavior in a calm and consistent manner. My classroom students who constantly misbehave and therefore impede their learning are rarely spanked or controlled in any manner. Usually because their parents say they are afraid of “hurting their feelings.” The effect then is a spoiled, disrespectful child with no respect for authority. These children take much away from the well behaved and well disciplined students in a classroom setting. My child gets the occasional spanking on the bottom when a verbal warning and time out are ineffective. She is a well behaved, intelligent, and happy child. We receive endless compliments on her behavior and pleasant demeanor. There is a huge difference in physical abuse and spanking. The bottom line is that it is a parents responsibility to control and develop their child’s behavior, as well as teach what is acceptable or unacceptable. Unfortunately, this is a responsibility that I think is taken much to lightly by many.

    • Appalled

      Thank god you are not my children’s teacher. Also wonderfully well-behaved, intelligent and happy kids – somehow we managed to get them to function that way without hitting them. By the way, when does it stop being OK to hit your child? What age? When they stop fearing you, I guess?
      As for the so-called consensus – you might have heard of times when there was a general consensus that women didn’t have the same rights as men and couldn’t vote, and times when there was a consensus in the US that blacks were meant to be slaves. So much for mass consensus predicting morality and future moral trends.

  • Anonymous

    She must not have liked sharing some attention with nadya suleman!!!!!! Great tactics on getting the spotlight back.

  • Anonymous

    Here are ten reasons I’d advise you to consider using another discipline technique other than spanking to curb your kids’ bad attitudes or troublesome behaviors:

    1. Spanking stops misbehavior momentarily. The bad behavior usually resumes because the kid doesn’t know how to act differently.

    2. Spanking teaches the child not how to act right, but how not to get caught when the parent is around. He becomes a champion in manipulation.

    3. The child is much more likely to remember the punishment than why he was punished. He behaves out of fear instead of because he wants to act right.

    4. It teaches that hitting solves problems. Kids must learn acceptable, nonviolent alternatives to solve problems.

    5. Spanking teaches children to behave through “external control” (the punishment). It does not teach kids self-control-or “internal control.”

    6. Spanking sends a huge mixed message: “It’s fine for adults to hit, but not kids.”

    7. Spanking squelches moral growth. It stops kids from misbehaving because they want to avoid punishment (the lowest level of moral development), not because they want to do what is right.

    8. Spanking squelches empathy. Empathy-being considerate to another’s needs and feelings-is the cornerstone of moral growth. Studies find that children’s empathy is diminished when their parents control their kids through anger.

    9. Spanking exposes children to violence. Learning comes through example. Spanking is an aggressive act, showing children their parents acting in an out-of-control manner.

    10. Spanking doesn’t teach new behavior. Spanking teaches not how to behave right, but how to shout, hit, manipulate, and control others through fear. It also fails to teach a critical discipline lesson: “So why should I behave?”

    • Frankie

      FABULOUS!!! Thank you for this! Well put and to the point. Parents and teachers, wake up – raising the next generation should be by empathic disciplining and raising children to reflect, not frear. Hitting is outdated and primitive. Learn to listen to your child. You’ve been given two ears and only one mouth and the most precious job in the world.

  • Anonymous

    In Alabama Schools Principals and coaches are allowed to use wooden paddles on children without parental consent. My son brought home a note for me to sign stating that he had been paddled. I didn’t even receive a phone call asking if I minded them spanking my 5th grade child. The ironic thing about this is the teachers who send our children to receive this punishment tell them to call 911 if their parents spank them. Spanking my own child can cause me to lose them but the school can punish them as they see fit without parental permission and suffer no consequences. Whats wrong with this country that I as a parent can’t deside how my child is correccted.

  • Anonymous

    So she spanked her kid? I don’t know what the big deal is. YOU try having 8 children and then see if you can keep your cool 24/7. Leave the poor woman alone. As if she hasn’t gone through enough. You don’t live her life. You only see what the media wants you to see. Don’t be saying she’s a bad mother. I think with all the she’s gone through, she’s doing great. She’s a strong woman and doesn’t need you haters acting like you’re so perfect badmouthing her. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  • Anonymous

    So she spanked her kid? I don’t know what the big deal is. YOU try having 8 children and then see if you can keep your cool 24/7. Leave the poor woman alone. As if she hasn’t gone through enough. You don’t live her life. You only see what the media wants you to see. Don’t be saying she’s a bad mother. I think with all the she’s gone through, she’s doing great. She’s a strong woman and doesn’t need you haters acting like you’re so perfect badmouthing her. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  • melissa

    i see nothing wrong with how kate handled the situation. i am curious to how many of the posters who said they are against spanking have kids. sometimes it is the only way us parents can get our point across. my son is 3 & he is VERY curious. sometimes by spanking him it is the only way he will understand how serious i am. if people want to call her a monster for spanking her kids they might want to stop & look at the “father” in this picture. if anyone is a monster it is him.

  • Anonymous

    where are all the comments? this obviously wasn’t 72. I’m a little curious as too what this Ruth said…It makes me wonder why it got deleted. She seemed to be someone who doesn’t believe in spanking. And reading the comments that went in that favor that the site master actually left up I agree with them. Spank is NEVER an answer. Its an immature answer to bad behavior by children. Actually it bad behavior in response to bad behavior. Its little sad

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