Deal Sours For Police Chiefs Involved In Sarah Jessica Parker Break-In

The two Ohio police officers who are under investigation after breaking into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick‘s surrogate mother became targets after asking for too much cash for the stolen photographs, reports.

Apparently Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter first knocked on the door of the surrogate’s home and then proceeded to break in when no one answered. Sources say that after entering, Carpenter proceeded to take fifteen photos of the residence and may have also attempted to retrieve answering machine messages left by Sarah Jessica.

Carpenter and his associate, Chad DoJack apparently had plans to sell the photos and information to a tabloid for $15,000, however, their deal allegedly soured when they doubled their asking price to $30,000. Sources say that after this mishap, the tabloid apparently turned the police chiefs in! Ohio investigators then discovered the fifteen photographs taken inside the surrogate’s home on Carpenter’s cellphone.

To begin with, Carpenter said that he was dealing with the National Enquirer and that he was “just messing with them.” The Enquirer tells that they had no involvement in the ordeal.

Both police chiefs are currently under investigation.

Carpenter first denied any wrongdoing, but now says that he “jumped to conclusions” and had assumed the tabloid was the National Enquirer. He was last quoted as saying, “I’m not exactly sure. If the National Enquirer didn’t have anything to do with this, then I publicly apologize.”

There has been no word yet from police chief DoJack.

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  1. melanie1983

    why am i so surprised at the lenghts people will go to, to get pictures of someone’s home? this is ridiculous and the tabloids should also be at fault since they were going to buy them but then decided not to when they rose the price.

  2. Cari

    But even *more* shocking is that the burglar was a police chief!!

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