Denise Richards & Her Beach Babies

Denise Richards and her daughters Sam, 5, and Lola, 4, were spotted enjoying the surf and sun in Maui yesterday.

The reality TV star recently opened up about her love life, saying that despite her difficult divorce from Sam and Lola’s dad Charlie Sheen, she hasn’t ruled out another marriage.

“I would definitely love to get married again. My parents were married until my mom passed away in 2007, so I definitely believe in it,” Denise says, adding, “I’m through one marriage and I have two amazing daughters. I just want to find someone now who’s a good person.”

The second season of Denise’s reality show, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, is currently airing on E!

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Photo credit: Flynet


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  1. Becca

    Little Lola is cute, Sam always looks so glum.

  2. Janie

    Sam always looks so unhappy! Poor thing!

  3. Anonymous

    at least she doesn’t put her kids in two piece bikinis! i find it a little disturbing when moms let their little girls do so..

  4. melanie1983

    they are happy and i have pics to prove it! haha, i’m following denise on twitter and she’s been posting the cuuutest pictures of them!

  5. Katrina

    Yes, becuase even children should be expected to smile and act happy for the paps.. and then when they do, you can call them fake and claim they are constantly showboating themselves.. right

  6. Lioness

    I think Sam does look more glum than most kids though, Katrina, paparazzi or not. But these pictures are just snapshots in time, and taken by annoying paparazzi at that, so we don’t know. Lola just seems a bit more carefree, that’s all. There’s no way to know that, though, without spending time with them.

    Love these pictures, though, look at their little bellies!! How cute are they 🙂 I do agree, though- I don’t like two-piece bikinis of children, either. In fact, I think only adults should be rocking them, as they usually have the body to fill it and the mind to handle the attention it brings! Little 4-year-olds in bikinis just look weird, one-pieces look way better on the little ones in my opinion. Besides, bikinis are a grown-up thing, anyway- why do we keep letting our kids do more and more of the stuff that we do? Sorry for the lengthy post, I guess I had a lot to say on that, lol!

  7. Anonymous

    wow never imagined anyone would have a problem with girls wearing bikinis… this way their bellys don’t stay all white… i prefer to just let them be

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