Exclusive Interview With Mrs. Rita Marley: “Family Means Everything To The Marley Family”

Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke exclusively with Mrs. Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s widow, as the Marley family releases Bob’s new CD B is for Bob this week. While Bob lost his battle to cancer at the age of 36, Mrs. Marley speaks of Bob’s everlasting spirit and presence in their close knit family. Mother of 12 and grandmother of 53, the matriarch of the Marley family opens up about building a health center in Ghana, life growing up in the Marley household, keeping Bob’s spirit alive and her most valued gift: her family.

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Pictured above, right to left: Kymani Marley, Karen Marley, Rohan Marley, Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Orly Marley (wife), Danny Agai (wife’s brother), Sharon Marley, Serita Stewart, Robbie Marley, Mrs. Rita Marley (sitting down)

CBS: What was it like growing up in the Marley family?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “I was the mother; I grew my kids up like everyone else’s, with discipline and manners, to say yes, please and thank you.”

CBS: Was there music playing and being created at all times?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “Our parents were into the church and music was everywhere. Our inspiration was handed down to us and then handed down to our children. What you give to one generation is passed on to the next generation.”

CBS: What does family mean to the Marleys?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “Family means everything to the Marley family. It is our life, an expression of our love.”

CBS: Losing Bob must have been so hard on everyone. How do you keep his memory and spirit alive?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “We don’t believe he is dead, we keep him alive. We are compelled to keep him alive by saying he is alive, we don’t believe his life is finished. Life is everlasting and Bob is making the living go on. His children are proof of his legacy of music and even his grandchildren. Judah, Ziggy’s daughter is example of this. This goes to show how important family is, we pray together, we eat together, we cry. Together, we share happiness, sadness and sorrow.”

CBS: Where do most of the Marleys live? Mostly Jamaica or across the globe?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “Across the globe. Right now we are in Ghana building a health center in the village, bringing water to the village and roads. We are “Helping Hands.” The theme of the Family Time album, Helping Hands.”

CBS: Tell us about the new CD B is for Bob. It’s a re-make of some of Bob’s classic songs into a children’s album. How did this idea come about? Who was involved?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “The inspiration comes from God the father almighty, it will continue, there is no end.”

CBS: Why do you think Bob Marley’s music is still so well-loved all these generations later?

Mrs. Rita Marley: “Because it’s good. A really good thing last forever, music is one of those good things that last forever and gets better with age. The older it gets the better it gets. Whatever we do we believe in unity and helping hands, more than any other time. It’s family time! [and she chuckles].”

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Photo credit: Photos sent from the Marley family for exclusive use on CBS


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  1. melanie1983

    these children are just soo gorgeous! especially that little girl whose in a bunch of pics, what a cutie!

  2. Anonymous

    I think you have your photo caption backwards (or the picture has been flipped). The order of names listed is actually right to left in the picture, not left to right.

  3. Lioness

    Yeah, I was going to say that too, Anonymous, the order of people listed is actually from right to left. Beautiful family- I wonder if any of Lauryn Hill’s/Rohan’s are in these pics…

  4. Anonymous

    Lauryn and Rohan’s daughter Selah is in the blue dress sitting on the sofa with the older boy and girl holding Ziggy’s little girl (the last picture on the second row).

  5. Rasta Shake Family

    Beautiful Pictures of The One Love Family. Jah Bless & Guide us all in these times throughout all time all over the world. Love and Respect to the works you are doing(doing Jah Works,cause there are so many) in Africa, in Jamaica, in America and all throughout the Nations carrying the message of Rastafari. The message of Love, Unity & Inity. “Feels Good Y’all!”OM. Africa Unite. We must continue to put the betterness together. Love & Respect to the Matriarchs of the Bob Marley Family, and to the Empress, and to the Queen Mother Booker. “In a vision Pillars of Rasta standing in Unity and Bob Marley there to welcome you home, chanting this is The House that Bob Marley built.” Respect to Jah Sons carrying out this musical message and Universal message that comes from Jah to teach all the nations. Love & Respect ! RastafarI

  6. Bouba


    That’s with a enormeous fantasmatic day that I write for you
    this letter. There is 22 years that in a songer I meet your name
    in my spirit disturb and since I recognize automatic you in this

  7. manny cadenas

    hello to all, my name is manny cadenas, I went to junior high school with my boy anthony booker, I hung out with him all throu out my junior days at palmetto middle in pine crest ,fl,,,, I really miss that boy !!!!!!!

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