Tried, Tested & True: Waterpark Fun In Your Backyard

For my sons 1st birthday we received the Soak ‘n Splash Animal Park by Fisher Price. This week has been especially warm and it seems the only steady thing bringing some relief from the heat, and providing hours of fun is this mini waterpark I have set up in my yard! There are three pieces that are attached in alignment with a hose system and connect to the garden hose. Turn on the faucet and the fun begins!

Setup was simple. Inflate with a compressor hose, attach to each of the individual animals and everything is ready to go! Fisher Price cleverly used animals for all of the various inflatable sections, and children seem to really enjoy the animals used, a giraffe, alligator and elephant.

I was quite skeptical when I saw the image on the box as to how well it would work, and what the quality would be like, and for $50US, the Soak ‘n Splash Animal Park by Fisher Price is worth the expense, as your children will surely get hours of enjoyment.

In a perfect world, I would like to see a small jet pump included to create a loop so that garden faucets can be turned off and the unit can work with a predetermined amount of water. Unfortunately this unit does not encourage conservation, but I am confident that a more sustainable system could be developed for a reasonable cost (hint, hint Fisher Price,) and we can let our kids play in the water while teaching them about preserving a very valuable resource!

Rating Out of 10: 7
Would You Recommend? Yes
Likes? Kids enjoy water play
Dislikes? Most likely made of PVC, water conservation issue
Price: $50-60 US
Where To Find: Toys R Us – On sale for $39.99!

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Great way to save money on going to expensive water parks for the summer. Looks like loads of fun and excellent value.


lol I clicked on the link, which takes you to the Fisher Price site and the price for that is $60 but then checked at Walmart, and they have it listed for $39.95. I think a trip to the local Walmart is in order this weekend. It looks SO cute and a nice way for my kids to cool down in this nasty hot weather.


Hmmmm, nice idea. Very nice


Looks like just another waste of water to me. Filling the little kiddy pool once in a while or occassionally hosing down the kids isnt so bad, but to have that water continually running is just unnecessary.