Meet Madonna’s Mercy James!

She’s absolutely adorable! Madonna was spotted giving her newly adopted daughter Mercy James, 4, a piggyback ride after attending services at the Kabbalah centre in London, England on Saturday (June 27).

Reports state that Mercy flew on a private jet from Malawi to London last week. An airport employee as well as another source said that Mercy left late Friday (June 19), accompanied by a nanny, a child nurse and another assistant.

Mercy joins Madonna’s three other children: Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, and David, 3, who was also adopted from Malawi.

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  • Anonymous

    Mercy is a cuite but i am pretty sure she is 4.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Anonymous! 😉

  • Desiree


  • Tazina

    She’s a big girl! Adorable too!

  • melanie

    she’s really cute! i hope she hired a translator or something.

  • Peta

    Wow, she looks tall . Hope her adjustment will be a smooth one.

  • Anonymous

    A woman who works for Madonna’s organization and was taking care of her speaks Mercy’s native language is also staying with them. Mercy already knows some English, I hope David and the other children learn some Chichewa.

    Cute family, great to see everyone together (Lourdes, David, Rocco, and Guy were also there).

  • rachel

    I wonder why Madonna was not on the jet? Seems to make more sense for a child to fly to their new home with their new parent. Hope Mercy adjusts well!

  • Anonymous

    Cute little girl !!
    I hope she can find a happy life !

  • Lola

    Wow… Um, gross. No she’s not adorable. Sorry… Why are people so sensitive and full of crap? Not all children are cute or adorable or anything like that. And sorry to say, both kids this ancient grandmother adopted are NOT cute or adorable at all.

    • Anonymous

      You are such a B***H. All children are beautiful because GOD made them. What can anyone say about you. Stop being so hatefull. she is adorable.

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