Giveaway: Kick-Ass Bows

Mompreneur, Holly G, creates one of a kind hair bows for newborns to teens! Inspired by her daughter, Gia, Kick-Ass Bows is a site for the creative mama. Bows are made to your specific tastes. From Classic Baby to your little Rockstar, Holly G creates unique hair bows for stylish girls. Customers choose from quality ribbons and various clip styles, so your little beauty gets exactly what she wants! Each hair bow is handmade with impeccable skill and design. Kick-Ass Bows has everything from formal to fun to funky. Many of Kick-Ass Bows’ customers buy their children’s clothes to match their Kick-Ass bows instead of the other way around.

Ten percent of Kick-Ass Bows sales are donated to Global Orphan Team who feed, clothe, comfort and love the forgotten orphans of Guatemala.

We are giving away $50 gift certificates to 5 lucky readers. Also exclusive to our readers is a 20% discount. All you need to do is enter CBSCOOP20 into the ‘discount coupon’ box at checkout. This offer is good through the end of July. Shipping is free for all orders over $25.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite product at Kick-Ass Bows and 5 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends July 3rd at 7 P.M. EST. Entries open to Canada and USA residents only. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winners of the B is for Bob CD: Anonymous, Jamie, Susan A, Geoff K & Lynn H.
And congrats to the winner of the iPod Touch & CD: Stacy

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  1. Holly

    My favorite is the Ethiopia sprite!!

  2. Deana

    Love these bows. I have two girls who would look adorable in these!

  3. The flat tuxedo bows are beautiful.

  4. Michelle

    I love the Dragonfly bow

    My 5 year old goddaughter wears a bow in her hair everyday! It’s her signature, if you will πŸ™‚

  5. Rachel

    the Hot Pink Swirl Five Petal Flower Clippie is super cute.

  6. Dottie

    My daughter has been wearing “Kick Ass Bows” for over a year now. We get compliments all of the time on her cute bows. The quality is excellent and the selection is unbelievable. You won’t go wrong ordering bows from Holly.

  7. abigail

    LOVE these! hope i win. the green and pink is adorable!!!

  8. Amy

    My girls love their KICK ASS bows…and I get more compliments on them every time they have one of the many that they have. Holly does amazing work and her selection is unbelievable..

  9. Amy

    sorry I guess my favorite is the custom sprites Harley Davidson ribbon that Holly made for my girls…love the watermelon sprite too and the Guatemalan flag sprite

  10. Momma Lisa

    Love the Sprites! Holly Rocks!

  11. Kathy P.

    Love, Love, Holly’s bows. She does outstanding work. My daughter gets compliments where ever we go when she is wearing one of Holly’s bows.

  12. Oh so many to choose from! We definitely need a Guatemalan sprite at our house!

  13. Ellie Puls

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kiss Ass Bows… Talk about Adicting… Should I mention, my daughter loves them too! Love you Holly… Keep up the great work… And I am sure I will be ordering again soon, as soon as the next box arrives! I forgot what I ordered, and need to see what I need to match up with again~!

  14. Joleen

    I love the double ABC bows!!! My 4 yr old loves to wear the bows every single day. I can’t get enough of these bows!!! The ordering is made so EASY!

  15. Shelby

    Holly makes the best bows. I love the chunky sprites and the layered ABC bows.

  16. Love those KickAss Bows! The watermelon sprite and the flag sprites are some of my favorites! Love them!

  17. Holly’s bows are TOP quality and made with love! πŸ™‚ My daughter looks beautiful in her Guatemalan Sprite ~ will need to get her the cupcake bow for her birthday πŸ™‚

    Great Job Holly ~~

  18. Jilly

    I have a teenage daughter whose ENTIRE High School cheer squad bought bows from Kick Ass! I buy them for EVERY baby shower and birth of daughters! They are wonderfully made, and 10 percent of proceeds going to charity makes me so happy! What other site can you CUSTOM make bows to suit every outfit, holiday, interest, style or outfit!


  19. Dori

    KICK ASS Bows ROCK! My daughter LOVES hers, I get TONS of compliments and HollyG is the best to work with. All I have to do is through out some ideas of bows I am looking for and she come up with the best looking bows ever! Love them! Oh and SO well made…100% quality all the way!

  20. Becky

    I love Kick Ass Bows! My favorite bow is the Guatemalan flag sprite. However, that was a hard choice. I have truly loved every bow that Holly G has made for us. They are top quality AND beautiful!!!

  21. Eva

    I LOVE the all kick ass bows! They’re gorgeous! and just couldn’t pick only one! the cutest are the flower clippies and the basic ABC bows!

  22. The Queen

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE our KickAss Bows from Holly!!! Our favorites are our newest ones the Patriotic Bows!!! THANK YOU Holly!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK can’t wait to see and buy what you come up with next!!

  23. Tracey

    I love Holly G’s bows! Holly is creative and the bows…perfect! My favorite if I have to choose 1, is the watermelon sprite. Keep rockin it Holly! We love you!

  24. Alleen

    My daughter has some of the Kick-Ass bows and they are AWESOME!!

    I love the watermelon sprite!

  25. Jennifer Randolph

    Kick Ass bows are made super well. The owner and creator (Holly) is a perfectionist and it makes her bows worth every cent. I love the sprites in any holiday theme!

  26. Alison

    My daughter has several Crochet Flower Trio Clippies and loves them!

  27. Allison

    My favorites are the Itty Bitty Baby Bows because they were the first thing that would stick in my baby’s almost non-existent hair! Now we’re moving up to the ABC’s and Sprites, and as long as they have the no-slip grips they are awesome!! She gets compliments on all of them, but my favorites are the double-ABC’s, red with white swirls and red!

  28. Mindy

    Holly truly makes the best bows around and to make it even better she is sooo funny!

    We LOVE all of our bows…but, the itty bitty bow done in the turtle print is the current fav!

  29. JulieMac

    Just got my first of what is to be many shipments of kickass bows! My FAVORITE was the soccer bow she made for my daughter who’s starting soccer next week. It’s an ABC bow and I said “surprise me!” and she did an AWESOME job! It KICKED ASS!!!!

  30. Michelle H. in CO

    I think what makes the bows a strong selling point especially for me, aside from the obvious they’re awesome, is the fact that 10% of sales go to help those babies. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, KICK ASS BOWS!!

  31. Holly G, you ROCK!!

    We adore Holly’s bows here… she has made some wonderful, amazing custom bows for me this year, but it all goes back to that Guatemala Flag Sprite… that’s the bow that started it all!

  32. Andrea

    My daughter only wears KICK ASS BOWS! Great quality! You won’t find better prices or quality anywhere.

    And my favorite bow that Holly makes are the Sprites. They are adorable!

  33. Jillian

    Wow, after reading all the comments, I am definitely going to be buying bows from them. I would love the ones that will stick in my little girl’s barely there hair.

  34. Melissa

    I love these bows! Such an amazing selection! My daughter is from Guatemala, so I love the Guatemalan Flag Sprite. Beautiful work.

  35. Natalie

    I love Holly’s bows! My favorite is also the sprite πŸ™‚ The bows are very well made and I love that she gives 10% of her proceeds to Global Orphan Team!

  36. Denise

    I LOVE the Guatemalan bows!!!! Also, the Green Bay Packer bows!!!!
    My daughter is just getting enough hair to wear the bows finally….and she looks even cuter in her Kick-Ass Bows!

  37. Elizabeth

    Very cute bows! You can never have enough of them!!

  38. Hannah

    I love the Guatemalan sprite bow and the Flowers with rhinestones.

  39. Candy

    Got to go with the sprite…it’s so much Fu
    getting holly’s bows in the mail…unless your hubby beats you to the mail box and sees that you ordered matching bows for all your daughters autumn outfits…ha-ha! I am an addict and a little OCD when it comes to my daughters bows and kick ass bows are just the best quality, price, and selection all in one place. My daughters signature look is four small sprites across the top of her head. We go to Disney quite often so my favorite bows so far are the princess bows she made me to match each princess dress.

    Hugs candy aka mommy to Kya blu the four holly
    g bow wearing princess

  40. My favorite is Fuzzy Headed Chick Basic ABC Bow. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Anonymous

    I love Love Love the collection !!!

  42. Krystal

    Holly’s bows are the best! The quality is really good, and there are so many options!! The small ABC bows are the perfect size to sweep my daughter’s hair out of her face — my husband even loves these bows!

  43. Love your bows Holly. Here’s my 2nd entry. Love the Clippies – especailly with the gripeze – holds in teeny babies hair forevah!

  44. Amy

    2nd comment- found another bow i want for my girls, layered bow with the turtles πŸ™‚

  45. Anonymous

    These are too cute. My girls are going to be too precious in their new bows!

  46. Anonymous

    LOVE the Guatemala flag sprite!!

  47. Vanessa

    I LOVE the Guatemaln flag sprite!! Sorry I accidently posted wihtout filling in my name! Guess I got excited!!

  48. Alison

    The flag sprites are so cute. There are just so many adorable things…it is hard to pick just one favorite!!!

  49. Holly

    Ah, so many to love. Any baby clippie is wonderful. I need one in every ribbon!

  50. Kerri

    I love the flag sprites – especially the Ethiopia and Guatemala ones!

  51. Anonymous

    I love the preppy ribbon clippies!

  52. Beth

    I like the United States of America Flag Sprite.

  53. Pamela S

    I saw many I love, but to just name one I’ll say the Sheer Fuchsia Flower Clippie!! Thanks.

  54. Marcie

    Holly is a fantastic bow maker! Her selection of ribbon is unbelievable and each bow is made with care. My current favorite is the double ABC bow with the clay cupcake center. Too cute!!

  55. Kara

    I really like both the argly and toile ones- very girly but still kick ass!

  56. Heather M

    My Favorite is the Hot Pink Swirl Five Petal Flower Clippie! Thanks

  57. monica jensen

    I love the Lady bug clips!

  58. hannah

    Watermelon Sprite is adorable! my daughter is just getting into bows and i would love to get some that she can be proud of

  59. Amanda

    The zebra and hot pink is adorable!

  60. Jennifer J.

    I love the United States Flag sprite. My youngest is born on the 5th of July and we always celebrate on the 4th. This is will go perfect with her outfit!!!

  61. Dori

    Surprise Me is the BEST option!!!! Holly has such a great eye for these kinda things…I always put Surprise Me and I always LOVE what she does! Double ABC’s – SO CUTE!

  62. hminnesota

    I like princess magical mouse clips. amazing web site.

  63. Marybeth & Amelia from MA

    Our favorite thing about Holly’s bows…Hmmmm…Where to begin…the ribbon selection is AMAZING! The styles are FUN and FUNKY! The centers are ADORABLE! The quality is KICK ASS! My daughter wears a Holly G. almost daily…I buy every month…Shhhhhh – don’t tell Daddy!! Folks all over give us compliments and wanna know, “Where’d you get that bow??” The personalization and unique combos Holly will put together for you are FANTASTIC! In short (HA!) – We love Holly and her KICK ASS BOWS!!!
    BTW, My daughter’s adoption refinalization is tomorrow and she’ll be wearing her Guatemalan Flag sprite!! LOVE IT!

  64. I love the Panda on Red Bow and the Monkey on Mystic Blue is also very cute.

  65. My favorite bow is the Red Heart Miss Magical Heart. I love all the Minnie Mouse themed ones as well. They are perfect for our family’s trip to Disney.

  66. Kayla

    Definitely the Zebra/Hot Pink Sprite! Why didn’t they have things like these when I was a kid? Heck, I might need to buy some for me now!


    Swirly Double ABC Bow

  68. Amie

    I love the butterfly clippie.

  69. Florence Bellamy

    I love the 4th of July bow. It’s very patiotic and it’s very cute.

  70. Holly

    I really hope one of my comments wins because I am a Kick-Ass Bow addict! I definitely need some ladybug bows for both of my girls!

  71. Stacy

    I can’t wait until my daughter comes home so she can wear the bows I already got for her! The bows are beautiful, I couldn’t even pick myself so I asked Holly to choose for me and she did a wonderful job.

  72. Jennifer M

    My favorite is the Guitars on Pink on Black- Layered ABC Bow

  73. sarah d.

    I love the Miss Magical Mouse Sprite!

  74. Kathy

    I really can’t say which one I like the best. I love them all. Everytime I order I just can’t wait to put them in my daughter’s hair.

  75. hminnesota

    my entry for July 1st.
    I like princess magical mouse clips.

  76. Shelby

    Everytime I got to her website I find something new I want to get. I love the ladybugs and flipflop ribbon.

  77. Kim

    I love the flip-flop print ABC Bow. My sister got me hooked on Holly’s bows. My daughter wears one almost every day!

  78. Valerie

    We have about 30 kick ass bows and still love them. We can’t get enough bows. I actually rotate my daughter’s bows so my husband doesn’t know how many she has. The bows are awesome, funky, and very sturdy. I so hope we win, because you can never have too many kick ass bows!

  79. Aubrey

    Ohhh this would be fantastic to win, my daughter finally has hair!! I love the little bug clippes like the bumble bee, frog, and ladybug. Cute, cute, cute!

  80. Nikki

    Love these bows!!!!! Favorite are the bow of the month!!!!

  81. Pamela S

    I love the crochet beanies!! Thanks.

  82. Monique K. Rizzo

    The Cupcake bow is adorable. Thanks for the chance.

  83. Crystal F

    I like the Pink and Brown Argyle Sprite bow. thank you!

  84. Janell Huntsman

    I love the Miss Magical Mouse Sprite!

  85. Aisling

    If I have to pick just one, it would be the Pink Guitar- Double ABC Bow. I could spend a L-O-N-G time shopping there – lots of great choices!

  86. Donna

    Kick Ass Bows are the only ones my daughter will keep in her thick hair! I love the newest Forth of July bows!

  87. Michelle Draveski

    love them all
    harley the best
    haven a mid life child in 2 weeks and after boys 15 years ago this one is a girl sooooooooooooooo bows are in my future

  88. hminnesota

    my entry for July 2nd.
    I like princess magical mouse clips.

  89. Marcie

    My favorites today are the tuxedo bows.

  90. Yvonne Butler

    I love all the bows but the one that stood out was the Brown Horses on Pink Basic ABC Bow. This would be great to wear to her brothers rodeos. Thanks for letting me enter for the gift certificate.

  91. Holly

    I think my next order has to include the handprint ribbon πŸ™‚

  92. Eva

    I love the flag sprites, the vinyl strawberry clippies, the magical mouse clippies among many others! Oh, and the clay centers are just sooo cute!

  93. Marie

    My daughter would love bows made out of the horses on pink ribbon — she loves horses!

  94. Valerie

    We love the November bow of the month with the little turkey on it. Actually we love all the bows we have (and the ones we have yet to buy!)

  95. I love the Minnie mouse bows. And the one on the ad with the cupcake would go perfect with my daughters cupcake earrings.
    Thanks for the great contest!

  96. Joleen

    I love all the color and pattern options Holly offers. And the ordering process is made SO easy! Everywhere we go, we get compliments on the bows!

  97. Krystal

    I love the Surprise Me option. It is so much fun to pick out a ribbon that I like and then let Holly design an awesome bow!!!!

  98. Cobixs

    Awesome bows…….i would love to put these in my daughters hair

  99. Linda

    I like the lady bug clippie

  100. Jennifer Hedden

    princess magical mouse clips

  101. Cindy

    I like the candyland bow very cute!

  102. Felicia

    My daughter has a lot of hair and we love the Cupcake bow! Thank you!

  103. I adore the itty bitty bows. Thanks for the idea! becky at dwink dot net

  104. The Crochet Flower Trio Clippie in pink is my favorite!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  105. Rachel Robertson

    I absolutely love the itty bitty baby bows! I love putting bows in my three month old daughter’s hair and she now has enough hair to keep them in!

  106. Jennifer

    I like the American Flag Sprite!

  107. Kim

    My daughter’s first Kick Ass Bow has little pigs all over it. It is so cute!

  108. Deana

    Super cute! Would be great for my two daughters!

  109. I absolutely love the Pink and Brown Argyle Sprite. Thank you for having this giveaway.
    litefoot873 (@)

  110. Natalie

    I’m back for another try! I love the Guat sprites πŸ™‚

  111. Mishia

    Black on Hot Pink Toile bow is my favorite!

  112. Kathy

    Ok so now I think my new favorites are the tuxedo bows or maybe the ladybug bows. I just can’t make up my mind. They are all fabulous!

  113. Michelle H.

    I love the Pink -OR- White Satin Cabbage Rose Clippies.

  114. Colleen

    I like the flat tuxedo bows!

  115. I like the Simply Solids Flat Tuxedo Bow!

  116. Sherri B.

    Wow! Great stuff! I really like the Pink Polkas and Light Orchid- Double ABC Bow with Purple Pastel Cupcake Clay Center! Thanks!

  117. Pamela S

    I like the Happy Flower clippie! Thanks.

  118. Anonymous

    I love the pretty swirl ribbons.

  119. carol ~

    This site is fantastic! They have so many beautiful things that it is hard to chose, but I will say my favorite is the Colorful Rose Trio Clippie. How sweet, delicate and just adorable!~

  120. Rachel

    I like the itsy bitsy baby bows in the flower print. πŸ™‚

  121. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I like the black on ivory toile bow.

  122. Jammie

    I like the lady bug on white

  123. Christina

    I love the Watermelon Sprite!

  124. Erma

    I like the Frogs and Hearts- Double ABC Bow.

  125. blueviolet

    I love the White Swirls on Red/Red Double ABC Bow!

  126. hminnesota

    I like princess magical mouse clips.July 3rd Entry.

  127. amylynn

    I love the 1.75 inch Hydrangea Flower with Crystal Center clippies in hot pink. Here is the link:

  128. brian

    The Guitars on Pink on Black- Layered ABC Bow is nice.

  129. wendy wallach

    Fall MOD Basic ABC Bow is the one that I like.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  130. Christina Modesitt

    I really like the cupcake bow and the watermelon one also it’d look so cute in my lil 18 month old’s hair!!!

  131. Jen R

    I love the grosgrain rose clippie!! I am so glad you found this website!!

  132. Jennifer M

    I like the simply solids flat tuxedo bow.

  133. kathy pease

    i love the Mr and Miss Magical Mouse with Red Dots

  134. Anonymous

    Love the Watermelon Sprites. My daughter loves her Kick Ass Tinkerbell Bows πŸ™‚

  135. nat

    6 george place mount vernon, new york 10550

    i definitely love them all especially the flower clippies and the ABC bows..

  136. Love Holly’s bows – she just listed new tuxedo bows and I want to get one of those for Sabrina! Aqua and white swirls.

  137. Marybeth & Amelia in MA

    Holly’s bows are a staple in our house…bow to outfit ratio is still low, but we’re working on that!! We just sent some bows to friends as gifts and they were a SUPER big hit! The variety and personalization are huge bonuses!
    Anxiously awaiting August’s BOM!!!

  138. Pamela S

    I love the crochet beanies!!

  139. Crystal F

    I like the Ice Cream Trio Clippie. Thank you!

  140. Holly

    my new favorite is the bumblebee baby clippie

  141. Lily Kwan

    I love the Unicorn Sprite bow in Solid Hot Pink!

  142. Lisa G.

    These bows are so cute! My favorite is the Apple- PM Bowtie Bow but I love the Leopard headbands too!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  143. Judi Hammes

    I LOVE the Guatemalan Flag Sprite bow. Can’t wait to order some more form Holly. She is the BEST!!!

  144. carol ~

    Bumble Bee Clippie is so cute! Buzz buzz!~

  145. R Hicks

    I like the 4th of July Miss Magical Mouse Double ABC Bow

  146. Gianna

    Sheer Fuchsia Flower Clippie πŸ™‚

  147. Kathy

    I just have three words…kick ass bows! The are truely kickass! Love them and Holly!

  148. Heather

    I love the hot pink 1.75 inch Hydrangea Flower with Crystal Center!

  149. Donna K

    I like the hot pink headband.

  150. M. Dauterive

    The Rose Circle Mania Basic ABC Bow is so cute. I love the pattern.

  151. I just realized it’s a comment a day until 7 pm tonight! Squeaking in one more comment – LOVE those bows & we’d LOVE the new ice cream ones if we win!

  152. Kerri

    My favs are the Ethiopian and Guatemalan flag sprites!!!

  153. Kerri

    My favs are the Ethiopian and Guatemalan flag sprites!!!

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