Jerry O’Connell: “I Do A Lot Of Diapers”

Six months after welcoming their twin daughters Charlie and Dolly, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell seem to be enjoying the joys – and challenges – of parenting.

The hands-on dad recently chatted about diaper duty, saying, “I do a lot of diapers. It’s amazing how much babies go to the bathroom, number one and number two, and it’s amazing how messy number two is….. The worst is when there is explosive number two and it gets everywhere. God forbid if you are at a restaurant or a mall and there is an explosive number two!”

Ew! I’m sure most parents have been there, though!

Though Jerry seems happy to take on his fair share of the parenting duties, he says his wife Rebecca deserves most of the credit.

“You know kids are a little bit of a hassle, having two is a little bit of a hassle,” he jokes. “You know, a lot of feedings at night. They’re super cute. My wife is doing a great job of raising them, so keep it up honey!”

The happy dad is seen here running errands in LA last week.

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Photo credit: Flynet

  • Tazina

    This is so very true esp. if the babies are breastfed….they have the explosive and loose poops. My son would let go and sometimes there would be poop all the way up his back as far as his neck.

  • carolyn

    lol! Tazina, my daughter is 3 now but I definitely remember those up-the-back poops. They seemed gravity-defying! 🙂

  • Tazina

    lol too funny

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